X Top Tips For Content Marketing in 2021

The 2020 year hasn't hurt content marketers and SEOs as much as it has harmed other areas of online promotion. The same cannot be said about representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. We do not yet know what events await us in 2021, but we can, as with SMM, predict in which direction it is worth changing or strengthening the marketing strategy. It is clear that in 2021 small and medium-sized businesses will not be able to afford high promotion costs. Therefore, you will have to decide which areas to support. We believe there should be SEO-focused content marketing among them. Whatever the situation in the world, you somehow need to inform the audience about your product, show reliability and expertise, and most importantly, convert an interested visitor into a real buyer. 

Your brand credibility will be more important than ever. Moreover, it is worth focusing not only on promoting the company's brand but also on personalizing it in any person. If your company does not have a clear leader (for example, you founded it with a friend and are now partnering), you will have to create one. To be successful in 2021, a brand will need the face and voice of a real person. Let's call it Person for short. How will this affect content marketing? First, you should write texts in the first person ("I" or "we"). Secondly, it is better to involve specialists in marketing and your field in creating content. Everything that users see from your face, they automatically assign to the Person. It will be bad if there are errors in this content that are obvious to those in the subject. You need to look like a confident expert you can rely on, not a young trainee who still needs to learn from his mistakes.


1.Create great content

Stand out. You need to be visible. The first thing to look at is how your content looks. You can write super-useful things, but you may not even start reading them because it looks bad. Look at your content through the eyes of its consumers, whether it will be convenient for them to perceive it. If you have large articles that need to be read for a long time, then it is worth looking at their formatting, whether there are indents, whether the font is readable and whether it is an acceptable size.



Regularity is essential to the success of your brand so that you do not disappear from the field of your customers. If you are just a beginner content maker, it will most likely be difficult for you to write posts every day on your blog or release videos on YouTube every week on your own. If you do not have a team yet, you can ask for help from a special writing service, which will sometimes write tests for you. You set the topic in context, you can always choose the author and your edits. To make sure the service is good, always read the review on their website. In general, such services can also help you as content idea generator tools.


3.More quality less quantity

How many people create content on your site? One? Well then, you definitely won't be able to create a lot of epic content. The fact is that when creating epic content, in no case should you chase mass character. You will never be able to do even 3 epic articles a week, it's just physically impossible. Doing 10 mediocre posts - please, it won't even be difficult, but we're talking about some cool content now.


4.Work with experts

If you are creating content on a topic that you are not an expert on, then your best bet is to find one. Yes, of course, you can find a dozen articles on this topic on the Internet, study them and describe the knowledge gained, but this all pales in comparison to an interview with a real expert. There is an article topic - find a professional in this topic and just ask him a few questions. Also, an expert can be indicated as an author or source of information. After that, he can also repost your article on his blog or social networks, which will give you additional coverage.


5.Repurpose content

Just creating a cool article on an interesting topic may not be enough. There are many users and each of them prefers a different form of content, so you've created a cool post and wait for the audience to come up and start reading it. However, this may not be the case, because the audience is more interested in watching or listening than reading on this topic. That is, at least four types of content from one topic:

  • Longread article

  • Video

  • Infographics

  • Podcast

You can even offer all four types of content to the same user on the page, and he will already choose which one is more convenient for him. Maybe he will start reading, and then just watch the article in the video version.


6.Popularity Trends

If you are well versed in the niche in which you create content, then you should have a rough idea of ​​what is just starting to excite users and check your guess through Google Trends. 


7.Video content

Video is the future of content marketing. There are many sites where you can upload videos, but we recommend that you focus on YouTube. YouTube is more popular than all other social networks, videos that you uploaded years ago will not go anywhere and will always be available for viewing and searching. Also, YouTube has a block of recommendations. The platform itself will recommend your video to users and if they like it, they can subscribe to your channel.



Generally, email marketing is one of the most ancient Internet marketing tools. However, despite its age, the tool continues to be in demand today. Content actualization is an excellent reason for another mailing. Do you have awesome articles that you constantly keep up-to-date? It's great. If there has been a change in the topic and you have updated the material, this is a good informational occasion to tell users about it and send out the article again.


9.Focus on trends

One of the coolest ways to pump your content marketing is to become a data source. You can conduct surveys, research, just share some statistics and this data can be reprinted on various sites and magazines with a backlink to you as a source. There is no point in even trying to become a source of some data if you are not responsible for their reliability. Did you do some research and share the numbers? Always, I repeat, always tell us exactly how you got these numbers.


10.Keep a diary

For example, the task came to me to make a press release and send it out. I haven’t faced such a task yet and I just have to learn the art of creating press releases. What will I do? Learn. Read a lot of articles, watch training videos, read books. In the process of these actions, I will more and more understand how to make a cool press release and why not simultaneously write down everything that I have learned, and later put it into an article? This way, you can take a squeeze out of everything you have to learn and end up with a super-specific document that can be useful to many.


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