Why you need to collect online data in this new economic landscape

Today we find ourselves in a global pandemic. Across the world, this new situation has resulted in unemployment rates skyrocketing and companies struggling to stay afloat. The only way to adjust is to change accordingly, become dynamic, versatile and find a sustainable means of online data collection. 

Multiple industries rely on online data collection, but now more than ever, almost all sales tactics, marketing efforts, sourcing hiccups and more are finding out that they require a systematic approach of acquiring data online to keep their competitive advantage. With each government implementing its own version of lockdowns and social distancing e-commerce has become more popular than ever. So how do you begin accessing, obtaining and analyzing copious data sources, well, that’s by using a data collection automation solution

What is Online Data Collection? 

Online data collection is the aggregation of numerous data sources with strategic emphasis to collect relevant data for company objectives. Goals and plans differ across numerous organizations and therefore the data collected must as well. This is the most common issue with purchasing 3rd party data that the information collected is not specifically for your company or its needs. Purchased data requires deep analysis to extract relevant key points and in many cases requires a team of engineers, analysts and more. By extracting the data specifically relevant to your business you can conduct your own online collection operations with less manpower, reduced costs and truly dominate your industry.  

It begins with understanding the online landscape, the amount of data required, the number of target sites and more. With businesses attempting to cut costs in our current landscape versus investing in online data collection, a full suite solution that does not require engineers, an IT team or more, is the solution. 

Market research takes into account numerous data sets involving multiple geographical locations competitors and overall trends. In order to properly derive relevant intelligence about numerous markets, companies need to research relevant competitors and similar technologies to collect product data, eCommerce research as well as customer feedback and insights. 

One of the companies that caught my eye was Luminati, who claim to be the largest, fastest online data collection network available offering tools and products for those without a technical background that need to jump on this new bandwagon, quickly, efficiently and without a hiccup.  

When it comes to price comparison, many sites implement limitations and thresholds that allow consumers to access their online assets while at the same time deterring and limiting competition. Sites will change their prices or mislead their competitors by showing higher prices when they detect a business is accessing their site. They will limit crawler or bot activity and even ban entire corporations or subnets they believe derive from a corporation to hide their true pricing structure. This does not only create discrimination online but rids the population of the capitalist ideologies of supply and demand that should be determining the accurate pricing for products and services. 

How can you easily acquire online data? 

The key to successful accumulation is the ability to access millions of IP addresses from across the globe. Multiple IPs provide the ability to overcome common blocking strategies allowing for the easy extraction of needed data. Sites utilize bot detection techniques such as rate-limiting which consists of limiting the number of requests, per IP, per specified time frame, to restrict others from extracting needed data. By utilizing a network of millions of IPs, you can easily overcome these thresholds by rotating the IP and conduct unincumbered data collection across the globe. 

With real residential IPs, from users that have opted-in from across the globe, sites are unable to differentiate the IP from a real consumer helping to overcome common blockades.  It begins with the largest network of opted-in peers in the world. Luminati offers an SDK to assist APP owners in monetizing their applications while increasing the user experience. Every user has a chance to opt-in to the network for a benefit, and in doing so, a fully compliant, ethical network was born. This network, consisting of over 75 million peers in every corner of the world, offers businesses a means of collecting the most accurate, ethically data collection available. 

Many things are changing across the business landscape and with that many opportunities to take advantage of new consumer needs and trends. Collecting online data is important now and this need will only increase as the information age - continues to take hold and grow.  Implementing a means of gathering required data will assist your business is getting through the economic hardships of today while preparing you for the future. 

For more information about cost-effective methods for implementing online data collection services for your business start your free trial at Luminati.io.

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