Why Open a Company in the UAE?

First and foremost, business setup in UAE is much simpler than in other countries with the same level of economic development. The United Arab Emirates’ authorities recognize the importance of international cooperation and do their best to provide foreign investors with a thriving business environment. You will hardly meet any bureaucracy while opening a company in the UAE, and the taxation policy is very welcoming towards international businesses. Furthermore, the country is located conveniently and provides all the necessary infrastructure for organizations of any scale.

That’s Great, but How Do I Start an Actual Business?

Despite the simplicity of the process, you may face several issues while starting up a company in the UAE. You should be aware of the fact that the country consists of 7 emirates, which have different legal frameworks and specific procedures for companies. You would need to meet the requirements of the specific emirate where your company would be operating, along with following the general laws of the UAE. Moreover, the country has opened the so-called free economic zones that have their own rules for businesses. That’s why it is highly recommended to seek professional help while setting up your company.

An Assistant to Meet All Your Needs

S.H Business Adviser is a company that may help you. It provides a wide range of services from free consultations to assisting you in obtaining a residency visa in the UAE. S.H Business Adviser has answers to all your questions, whether you need information on opening a bank account in Dubai for non residents or search for ways to attract more customers in RAK free zone. The company’s expert team will gladly assist you along each step of your business development – from picking a perfect location for opening a company to setting up your account in one of the reliable UAE banks.

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