What Dropsurfing Is and How You Can Do It?

Drop what?  Surfing?  You may come across this term.  It keeps popping up here and there.  What is it - dropsurfing?  What is the difference between dropshipping and dropsurfing?  And if it’s so great as stated, what should you do to start dropsurfing?  Well…  What if I say that you may already be doing it?  And even if you’re not, you can easily pull it off with a specialized WordPress dropshipping  tool – SaleSource plugin!  Keep reading this article, and I’ll show you how to do it!

What is dropsurfing?  Some would say, dropsurfing and dropshipping are two sides of the same coin.  Another version is that dropsurfing is an entirely different story.  Actually, you don’t need to dig for clues to know dropsurfing from dropshipping because it’s one and the same. Or, let’s say, dropsurfing is a tiny part of dropshipping. Read Is Aliexpress Reliable to get trustworthy suppliers and avoid scams.

While running your online store, you can settle on one supplier for a certain type of product  and work with them every time.  Or… you can do so-called dropsurfing.  For this, you just need to find several distributors of the same products and keep watch on their  prices.  This way, when you get a new order, you check which supplier has the best offer and place  the order with them to make more profit.  You don’t stick to one supplier all the time – You’re kind of surfing and riding  the waves, changing sellers for those who give you the chance to earn more with dropshipping.  Nothing difficult, right?  I suppose that’s what most online entrepreneurs are already doing.  Maybe that’s what you’re doing right now!  Dropsurfing is just a coined term for how you should run your dropshipping business.  In other words, it’s just a business strategy in dropshipping.

When why do people need to invent another term for the same thing?  Well…  It gives people a chance to discuss something new, create forum topics and courses.  And that’s not bad, after all, to name a specific strategy.  It just became confusing for many people because dropsurfing sounds much like dropshipping.  If you use SaleSource plugin, dropsurfing becomes even easier.  Let me tell you a few words about this shopify dropshipping tool in case someone doesn’t know yet.  Then I will show how to use it for dropsurfing.

SaleSource Plugin is a tool for WordPress dropshipping with AliExpress (aliexpress dropshipping is also covered by this tool).  It helps to import products from AliExpress to your WordPress store and then handles all the additional tasks: it automates the ordering process, tracking orders and sending emails  to your clients, auto-updates pricing, and so on.  You can choose between the versions for bare WordPress and WordPress+WooCommerce.

SaleSource Plugin also helps to find the best prices on AliExpress, which is the essence  of dropsurfing.  For this, you need to install and connect SaleSource Google Chrome Extension to your  store. When that’s done, you can add products and  reviews to your store right from AliExpress and compare prices from different AliExpress  sellers.

Now, let’s briefly look at how dropsurfing with SaleSource works to make sure that it’s  easy.  After you’ve set up the extension, all you need to do is go to AliExpress and find an  item you’d like to dropship.  The whole process will take just two clicks.  The first one is the “Search” button.  Now, you see the suggestion to check for cheaper offers.  Click on “Go to products” and...  You’ve done it!  Go and dropsurf to your heart’s content.  There are enough offers to choose from.  You can find the most promising and add it to your store.  There are options with the lower price for both item and shipping.  Great, isn’t it?  And that’s not the whole story.  We’ve got one more handy tool that will let you improve your dropsurfing process.

It’s “My Suppliers” add-on.  This outstanding software allows you to run a tight ship and increase your business efficiency.  To be more specific, the add-on lets you see:

  • How many AliExpress suppliers provide products  for you
  • What the AliExpress rating of each seller  is
  • How many products from each supplier are in  your store
  • How many items from each seller have already  been ordered by your clients
  • What profit each supplier has brought in

In just a couple of clicks, you can learn which supplier offers the most trending products,  generates the most revenue for you, and is the most valued by customers.  This way, you’ll be able to pick out those AliExpress sellers you want to build strong  partnerships with and weed out those who don’t pull their weight.

As you can see, dropsurfing isn’t something brand new or complicated.  It’s just a dropshipping strategy that you can easily implement by using the special  e-commerce tools we’ve introduced to you in this article.

So don’t let unfamiliar words disconcert you.  Start your business, become financially independent, and live out your dreams!  Nowadays, it can be easier and faster than ever before.  By the way, if you want to speed up the process even further, you can order a ready-to-go  store crafted for you specifically according to your needs on the SaleSource website.  And in the shortest amount of time, you’ll be able to start your dropshipping business  right off the bat without any delay or preparation.

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