What to Analyze When Comparing Employee Engagement Software Companies

Employee engagement software is an application used by organizations to increase job satisfaction, which in turn helps businesses retain valuable staff. The best employee engagement software companies aim to align employees with a business’s mission and culture to improve productivity.


Not all software programs are created equal. Some, for example, are better for large organizations, while others are more suited to small to medium-sized businesses. They can also differ in quality. Many are cloud-based, which is an excellent option because you can access them anywhere and won’t lose unsaved information.


Here, we examine some of the components of a successful employee engagement software and what you should look for in employee engagement software companies as you search for the right program for your company:


Employee Feedback

Does your organization collect and act upon employee feedback? While most HR leaders feel that they should have an “always open” tool that reports employee feedback, few actually implement such a feature. Employees who feel as though their voices are heard are more likely to perform well. Therefore, it only makes sense to seek out an employee engagement software company that offers an effective feedback feature. Fortunately, 90% of the top 10 ranked employee engagement software companies have a feedback management program.



You can choose to recognize your employees for any number of achievements. For example: years of service, extra effort, high performance, wellness, innovation, diversity, and team initiatives. An employee engagement software company with a robust recognition program is a must-have. 


Employee recognition is essential for drawing in new employees, retaining existing employees, creating a healthy and happy work culture and inspiring innovation. It also boosts employee performance. Employee recognition is a feature found in 90% of the top 10 employee engagement software companies. 


Customer Service

As with any software program, it’s crucial to have strong customer support backing it up. Good customer service can mean the difference between the success and failure of the software’s implementation in your business. You need customer service to respond to your issues, not just try to get you to upgrade to the next version. Good customer support will improve the user experience of the software.


Goal Management

Employees are more likely to be productive if they have specific professional goals in place. These may be goals that they create themselves or with the guidance of management. Tying personal goals to companywide goals is even more effective because your employees will feel they impact the business as a whole, especially knowing and understanding the companywide goals.


Performance Management

Performance management helps employees track their performance toward their goals. Having a software program that links goals and performance aids in simplifying the process of performance appraisal. Such a program can also help employees monitor workers’ progress toward specific goals, which may prove to be useful when it comes time to consider who should be promoted.



While there are other aspects of employee engagement software, including benchmarking and surveys, some of the most critical components of a strong program include customer service, goal and performance management, recognition and employee feedback. If you look for strength in these areas, you should find a platform that meets your needs.


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