Ways to Evaluate What Went Wrong With Your Marketing Strategies

You won’t always have the best marketing strategy, but there’s always room for improvement. You need to find a way to understand what went wrong in the past so you won’t do it again. You can’t give up and conclude that you failed because things didn’t go as planned. These are some techniques to help you evaluate your failed marketing strategies. 

Conduct a survey 

Send people on the ground and ask potential customers. If possible, find someone who saw your previous campaign. They can give you a better idea about why they disliked what you used. Craft the questions in a way that you will get your desired responses. 

Have a focus group discussion

Surveys help, but you can only ask a few questions. If you want to ask more, you can conduct a focus group discussion. The respondents are fewer than in a survey, but you can get more detailed responses. You can also use more open-ended questions. The goal is to understand the motivation behind these potential buyers and what made them decide not to choose what you offered before. The discussion might make you decide to use a digital signage kiosk, especially if the discussion revealed that online marketing didn't work. 

Brainstorm with your marketing team

You might also get responses from within your team. The people only saw the final results, but they didn’t know what happened behind the scenes. The unnecessary dramas and improper distribution of responsibilities could have made it difficult for the campaign to work. As such, it’s important that everyone in the team conducts a brainstorming and evaluation session. It’s also crucial to have team members with an open mind, and who won’t feel terrible when given negative comments. 

Compare your campaign with your competitors 

It helps to study what your competitors did and why they succeeded. You will know if they used something different from you. Use this knowledge to improve next time. You don’t need to copy what they did, but you can use it as a benchmark for future campaigns. 

Take a break

Don’t rush the process and expect great results. You just got out of a terrible marketing campaign, so you have to give everyone a chance to miss your campaigns for a while. You also have to consider using other platforms since the previous platform you used didn’t work as you had hoped. 

Stay positive 

It's easy for you to feel bad about the results and decide to give up. You can't have such a negative spirit since the battle isn't over yet. You have other chances to improve your campaigns. Losing hope will also trickle down to other team members, and they will think about leaving the team. They will blame themselves for what happened, and won't recover anymore. You don't want them to feel that way. 

Failed campaigns are common; even big brands can’t escape them. You have to consider it as a part of the journey and use it to be better next time.

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