Understanding the Importance of Website Ranking

Website Ranking is a cornerstone for digital marketing and SEO is the primary tool to achieve the desired position in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). But why is it important? A good rank results in appearing in the top five in the first SERP of a relevant keyword, so how does it affect your site? The short answer is traffic, but “ranking” is the first of a series of benefits that can be traced back to having an optimized site that’s appearing on top when searched for with its related keyword.

Here are some fundamental reasons why being on top-ranked is important for your website:

1. Traffic

It was mentioned above, that the short-term and direct result for having your website on top of the rankings, is to generate more traffic. Data suggest that approximately ninety percent of all clicks are received by the top ten sites (those on the first page) in the SERP. This means that only ten percent of the click shares go to the sites in the second and the consecutive pages.

Furthermore, the top website gets almost half of the click-through traffic. While the rest of the sites on the first page divide the rest of the traffic among themselves with the higher one getting slightly more than the others. This shows you why it is important to be in the first position - you get the biggest slice of the cake.  

2. Increased Authenticity - Improved Branding

If you’re looking to improve your presence or brand in your local area, having your site appear at the top of the search results related to you will give an impression of authenticity to your potential customers. That is why start-up businesses that aim to provide brand awareness locally would bode well with enlisting a local search engine optimization service to gain some foothold in the local market. This is because data indicate that visitors tend to believe that those who rank at the top are authentic entities. You would have gained some psychological advantage over your competitors in the game. 

3. Reduced Marketing Cost

Inbound marketing translates to low overhead costs to every generated lead or revenue, this is because each lead may come from search engine clicks. This means that having a better position in a SERP would cost less for your marketing team in advertising. This goes to your social media presence as well. It may be hard to see the results right away, but if you’re able to go toe-to-toe with giant corporations in the SERP then you’ll have a better chance of gaining success for your website.

4. Keeps You Competitive

Finally, keeping a high position in SERP keeps you competitive among your competitors small, medium, or big. Because if you’re not on top, then there’s a 100% chance that other websites or businesses are there reaping all the benefits mentioned above. To give yourself an edge in your niche, you must be able to hold your own in the ranking battle.

It’s also important to note that eighty percent of searchers prefer to click on organic search results rather than paid ads. So even if large companies through their weight around using paid advertisements to get visibility, people looking for information would still trust sites that get on top because of their content and their relationship to the keyword.

Getting to the top is only half of the job, you would still have to work to maintain your position. Your success depends on how you can keep your audience engaged and deliver value to what they’re looking for. With that, publishing a site is only the beginning, if you want to grow your presence or business, you need to let as many people see you and what you deliver.

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