Top 6 Free Cloud Storage Services

The Internet has changed the world drastically. It has given the IT sector a massive boom. In this era of massive IT resources, almost everyone is familiar with cloud computing or cloud storage. Many of us are even using it, either knowingly or unknowingly. The digital world has become one of the priorities in our everyday life. Nowadays, most of you have pretty high-quality camera phones in hand to capture amazing photos and videos and to even document things. In return, it takes up a lot of space while saving. And while you run out of your phone or computer memory storage, cloud storage comes in demand. Due to the rise in cloud storage usage by users, plenty of free cloud storage services has also increased. But, each of these cloud storage providers varies in terms of space and other features that they offer.


What is Cloud Storage?

In layman’s terms, cloud storage is just a way of saving and storing your precious data online. It does not use up your computer or phone’s space. Through cloud storage, you upload your data to a third party. It acts as a remote database that allows you to access data from any device. To store your data online, you would need an internet connection and your account log-in information. You can upload data, modify, save, share documents, spreadsheets, images, audios, videos, presentations, etc., with others through cloud storage.


Cloud storage is a highly advanced storage option instead of the traditional method such as pen drives, hard drives, or USB flash drives. Cloud storage is highly recommended as it is considered safer than the local storage options. There is no risk of data damage or data loss. If a shift from an old to a new device, you can just log-in to your account and access your data instead of manual transfer. But of course, cloud storage has its demerits too. The most significant risk is that of your account log-in info being shared. Also, it would be best if you were careful about which cloud storage service you choose.


6 Free Cloud Storage Services

While choosing the right cloud storage service out of the lots may be difficult if you are a new user. The storage solutions available these days can be used for both personal and business purposes. Below you can find the necessary information on the top cloud storage services available and choose the one that fits your exact needs.


1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the most basic, simplistic, and popular free online data storage service known to all. Google provides it. This service allows you to sync already stored documents, photos, and other files through every computer, mobile phone, and laptop of the user. You get real-time synchronisation along with free space of 15 GB offered by Google. You can build slides, documents, sheets and also create forms for survey purposes. It can integrate with various external apps like diagram tools, mind map, Gantt chart, etc. It also offers an offline service to view saved files and photos. You can also use it for macOS.


2. MediaFire

MediaFire is known as one of the best free cloud storage services and is easy to use. It offers an initial free space of 10 GB, which can also be increased up to 50 GB. One of its distinct features is that you can upload multiple files all at once from any browser. Still, the individual file size limit is only 4 GB. You can upload documents, images, videos, and more through it. It provides its user with a one-time sharing link. You can use it on platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS.


3. Mega

Mega is a premium cloud storage security service that offers its user initial free storage of 50 GB for 30 days. Later, space is backed down to 15 GB. It provides end-to-end file encryption. It has an easy-to-use User Interface and open-source client synching. The file size limit that you can upload is 1 GB only. By use of Mega cloud storage, you can download multiple ZIP files at once. You can use Mega on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android as well. Its mobile app also offers features like voice and video chats, along with encrypted messaging.


4. Degoo

Degoo offers the most prominent free cloud storage service to its users of up to 100 GB of free space. It also provides a reliable cloud backup service. It uses your Google account for two-factor authentication along with 256-bit AES end-to-end file encryption for security purposes. It also provides AI, which routines your best photos. There is no said limit to view and download files, although you can upload files (512 MB each) from at most only three devices. You can access Degoo on both iOS and Android devices.


5. Box

The Box is a well-known cloud file management and cloud storage, provider. It offers a generous free space of 10 GB to its users. You can upload files to a limit of 250 MB and even invite teams to make any adjustments to the file. Editing a file is just as easy, and Box will save it for you. It offers the option to add external users for content collaboration to the admin. You can even use Mac Finder or Windows Explorer to search files in Box. You can access Box through various platforms like macOS, Windows, and mobile devices.


6. pCloud

pCloud is one of the best, secure, and simple cloud storage options out there. It offers free space of 10 GB to its basic accounts. The file size limit for uploads is not dictated. It allows its user to share and collaborate files with external parties. It keeps your private files safe with encryption and backs up your data with just one click. You can filter files as per the file format to avoid a mess. It provides an automatic lock to crypto folders every time the user logs off. 


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