Top-5 Data Management Software [2021 Update ]

This resource gathered by our team enlists all the top data management software to help buyers make informed decisions when choosing solutions for their needs.  A data management software offers you solutions in an easy-to-use format by integrating data from various sources. 

However, with so many solutions in the market, it’s hard to pick the right one, and weighing the pros and cons of each can be tedious. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 data management software developed by companies for you. So let’s take a look at the best technology services available in 2021, shall we?


  1. Softorino YouTube Converter 

Softorino Youtube Converter developed by Softorino, a Ukraine-based SaaS - Software as a Service company is an ultimate solution for iOS users. The tech company specializes in creating software solutions for iOS users who have a hard time managing their devices due to iOS restrictions.  

Softorino YouTube Converter is a desktop software that does wonders for iOS users. Since Apple devices have restrictions for downloading or transferring media files from anywhere other than iTunes, it is nearly impossible to download or send any videos or music to iOS devices without iTunes. 

Unlike Android users, iOS users cannot just download videos to their iPhones from anywhere. Syncing them through iTunes seems to be the only solution for them, a solution that is quite tedious. 

This is where Softorino YouTube Converter comes into play. This compact yet powerful software integrates conversion, downloading and transfer technologies into a desktop app for Windows and Mac users. It can download, convert and transfer videos, audios or ringtones from over 60+ platforms to any iOS device. 

Here are some of the main app features that make Softorino YouTube Converter the best at what it does:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows wireless media transfers. 

  • Built-in YouTube browser allows video downloads without leaving the app.

  • Lightning fast transfers to any iOS device, even the decade old Pods.

  • Trimless ringtones feature turns any YouTube video into a ringtone. 

  • Automatic Content Recognition finds and fills in the missing covert art of music and videos.

  • Supports over 60+ platforms including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and many more.

  • Downloads and converts YouTube to MP4, AAC and MP3 for any iOS device.

These user-friendly options and multiple functions make Softorino YouTube Converter one of the best data management software of 2021. 

The software has a yearly subscription cost of only $19.95. You can also try the app for free using the free trial


  1. Panoply

Panoply is cross-platform cloud technology software for Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems. This tool is an automated data warehouse that integrates all of your data sources to store them in action-ready tables. 

This data warehouse can be used for nearly all business functions including marketing, sales, CRM, product planning, financial analysis, IT and engineering. The actionable insights gained from this data management software help you calculate all the important metrics of different business operations and ultimately help in planning for growth strategies.

Here are some of the key features that make Panoply one of the best data management software for businesses: 

  • Seamless data connection without any confusing codes. 

  • User-friendly data storage in the form of tables. 

  • Secure cloud storage of all business data.

  • Automatic performance monitoring. 

  • Built-in SQL editor for data analysis.

  • Supports most of the popular analytical and BI tools.

This data management tool has a monthly subscription cost starting from $200 for the lite version.


  1. Skipr

Skipr is a next-gen mobility service provider offering sustainable services in Europe. This environment-friendly service has a mobile application that commuters can download on their devices and use for their daily mobility needs. It also offers a centralized mobility payment card that can be used all across Europe for extra mobility payments such as parking, fuel, rental cars etc. 

MaaS - Mobility as a Service by Skipr, as they are calling it, is a one-stop solution that integrates all the available modes of transportation into one app. These include cycling, scooting, ride sharing and public transport. Commuters can plan and book their ride, choose their mode of transportation from the options available and pay from within the app.

The platform encourages people to ditch their cars and opt for alternative ways to travel. This way, the number of cars on the road that contribute to air pollution and traffic congestion would be reduced by a huge number. 

Skipr also provides a mobility budget to companies that have company car policies. Instead of using these car policies that have been largely contributing to air pollution and traffic congestion, companies can now offer mobility budgets to employees. 

This budget gives employees the freedom to choose how they commute to work. They can get an electric car, use sustainable commuting options such as ride-sharing and keep the rest of the budget to themselves in the form of cash payments. This way, companies can avoid the taxes on company cars as well as achieve their sustainability goals.

Skipr is a perfect example of a software that is offering a real solution to a real problem in the world. 

Payment: Get a quote from a company representative by sharing your capacity needs.


  1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a computer application that offers multiple ways for users to create a data management system on cloud. It also has a vast set of analytic tools to manage your data which can be stored in numerous data warehouse styles. The platform is a seamless solution for enterprises who are willing to shift towards cloud based data management.

Key Features:

  • Top notch data security

  • Data resiliency

  • Real time analysis of large data with Azure Data Explorer.

  • Table storage options.

  • Blob storage. 

These and many more features make Microsoft Azure one of the most popular data management tools. 

Calculate the pricing for your enterprise by using the pricing calculator on Microsoft Azure’s website.


  1. WALTR 2

WALTR 2 is yet another powerful tool for iOS users that solves nearly all of their transfer problems and more! This desktop application for Windows and Mac is a simple, drag-and-drop tool that sends literally anything from your computer to the native apps in your Apple devices. For example, you can send music, shows, movies, pictures, documents, ePUBS and PDFs to your iOS devices by simply dropping them into the app. 

WALTR 2 also has a built-in secret format converter that converts any file format into an iOS-compatible format during the transfer. This means users will not have to convert files beforehand. 

Here are some of the WALTR 2 features that make it the best friend for any Apple device user:

  • Wireless transfers via Wi-Fi.

  • Automatic format conversions.

  • Lightning fast transfers.

  • Metadata transfers along with files (such as subtitles, track name, artist name, episode no. etc.).

  • Requires no iTunes sync.

WALTR 2 comes at an affordable price of $39.95. You can also try the app for free using the free trial. 


To Wrap It Up . . .

These powerful data management software are offering real solutions to users by making the most of technology. Adapt these top tools in your daily life for a seamless solution to your needs. 


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