Top 5 business software that are worth investing in.

Taking care of a business is not easy. There are so many areas where you need to focus and so many things to be under control that sometimes it might seem overwhelming. But you are not alone in feeling like this, after all, you are not all-knowing. This is why you hire a team of experts to take care of the things you don’t fully understand. 

Yet, even though these experts are perfect allies, you need to be aware of everything that happens in your company. And most of all, you need to give your staff the best tools to take your business to the level it requires and deserves. After all, your main job is to keep your employees happy so they can work as best as they can with the best results. 

And for that, there are plenty of software tools that can help you with that boost and a proper structure. But this doesn’t come cheap. So you may want to consider reaching out to online lenders that offer working capital loans, like Camino Financial, that can give you what you want for your business and will definitely pay itself with your team’s higher productivity. 

So let’s see what technology can do for you and review the software that are worth investing in.



This is a software that will help you take your marketing, sales, client service, and even your webpage to a whole new place and boost your company growth. This CRM has different tools for each area of the business. In the marketing hub, you can see online lead generations, boost traffic, automated marketing campaigns, and analytics; the sales hub is great to create databases of possible clients, scheduling meetings and client appointments; the service hub gives you everything you need in the client service area, like direct contact with them, their needs and even the after-sales follow up; the CMS hub will help you create better entries to your page, SEO recommendations, web pages themes. Though these tools can be hired separately, they can be combined for better results.


Zoho One 

Zoho is one of those ‘do it all’ software where you can keep track of teams’ activities and tasks, long working hours, help you with accounting, sales, marketing strategies, finance tracking, human resources, and even the whole operations picture. Even though this platform can be hired in blocks for each need, the tools can be connected for one goal: every area interconnected and working as a whole. As it should be. And the best part is that it has mobile apps so your team can check in on everything wherever they are. 



This software is cloud-based and mobile-enabled so your team can access everything they need, from documents to financial sheets. It’ll help you see the big picture with productivity reports and key performance indicators. The best thing is that it’s designed for small and mid-sized companies in a growth path so it’s easy to use and customizable. Everything you need to make your team achieve their set goals. 



Now, this is specialized software, built for accountants and non-accountants. With Wave you can keep an easy and close track of the money because it enables you to connect your bank accounts, enter your expenses, and balance your books with simple clicks. It’ll also help you get invoices to your clients, manage payroll, incomes, and automated actions. And the best part is that, with everything in place, your taxes will be a breeze. And since this is a platform that manages confidential and risky information, Wave is all about security, with bank data connections that are read-only, use 256-bit encryption, and is PCI Level-1 certified for handling credit card and bank account information.



Human Resources can be tricky but this HR software can help you manage your open positions publications, profiling positions, interviews, hiring, onboarding, time-off for employees and requests, employee databases, and workflows in a single space. You can even manage to schedule so you don’t have temporal open positions or unsolved and unappointed work. Let go of eternal file doing and reading, calendarizing, and adjusting schedules with software that can help you have everything you need to know and do with a simple glance. 


Is a working capital loan really needed?

As you can see, no matter what kind of company you have, these tools have something to offer that can help you boost your business and achieve short and long term goals. Take a look at them and see which one works better for your daily operations. Take into account that all of these platforms have a learning curve and you will not see a return of investment as easily and fast as, let’s say, buying something and selling it the next day for a profit. 

Be patient, ask for help from the platform builders, and make sure all your team takes time to understand and uses it to fulfill their tasks. Assign someone to take them through the process and answer every question they have. 

Change is not easy but the implementation of technology will take time, some convincing, and money, so don’t forget to reach out to financial services of companies such as Camino Financial to get a working capital loan and get on your way. 





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