Top 4 Proven Ways to Manage Enterprise Phone Calls

Anyone in a SaaS business, or any other product or service-based business for that matter, is familiar with the huge deal closing an enterprise sales account. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the company to grow and expand their prospects.

It produces an abundance of business to the company but it’s not a cakewalk.

Executives, agents, presenter & everyone engaged in the process works vigorously and on an average, it might take up to 6 months before you land an enterprise account.

So, how do you maintain the follow-ups, the data gathering & the statistical evaluation of these possible enterprise clients efficiently? What can you do to boost up this process of winning over an enterprise client?

Every business faces this situation where they are stuck between making that phone or shooting that email to their prospect or just giving up on that account.

And to solve this issue we are writing this blog about Top proven ways to manage enterprise phone calls/accounts.

You will get insights on our exclusive system of managing enterprise phone calls and how to simplify this complex process using upgraded tools & tricks.

1. Upgrade Your Technology

Technology is something that keeps on changing every day and it’s only fair that we keep up with it. And if you are not willing to invest in technology then you might even say goodbye to your enterprise account.

There are so many softwares available for the sales industry with advanced features making every task easier than before.

But for managing enterprise phone calls efficiently go for the softwares providing features like co-browsing, screen sharing, video conferencing, live chat, profile management and such which in result will simplify the process of selling your product and easier to contact your customers as well.

Some of the best softwares to have in your sales stack in 2018 are:

Acquire software will help your support and sales team to enhance customer experience with features like co-browsing, video conferencing and live chat. 

With co-browsing feature, one can access their customers screen with just a single click and help them with their purchases, online forms, product selection and much more. To use co-browsing feature your customers don’t have to download anything. Everything is done on the browser only which makes it simple for your customers as well as the sales team.

And most importantly, co-browsing is compatible with every device and doesn’t require your customers to be on computer compulsorily.

Acquire’s other features like video conferencing and live chat add the personal touch to your customer’s experience and add value to your service as well.

This software will have a direct effect on your website visitors and their experience.

Adding a live chat option on your website will help your customers to get their questions answered on the spot, will help your sales team to bring in more business and you also integrate your knowledge base with Live Chat for better conversion rates.

Live Chat is an invaluable addition to your sales stack as this software will drastically reduce the number of phone calls you get as everyone will opt for the easier way of interacting with your inside sales team.

You can also get in touch with more people at the same time using Live Chat software which will directly add value to your sales.

Other worth using features of Live chat are chat window customization with your logo, automatic greetings, reports and analysis.

These two software with futuristic features will be a great addition to your website and sales & support team and will also help in gathering & analyzing the data of your enterprise customers.

After an upgradation, it’s time to provide structure to the team that pursues your enterprise clients.

2. Using the right CRM (Your Holy Grail)

When it reaches to making enterprise sales phone calls, receiving them or making any type of contact with the potential prospect it is essential to take a note of every small detail and every bit of information mentioned by the prospect.

And CRM plays a vital aspect in maintaining this significant data created.

So, if you are looking for ways to handle your enterprise phone calls then determining and using the right CRM should given the ultimate priority.

Here are some points to take in the review and some questions that you should ask before purchasing a CRM software:

  • What will be the purpose of your CRM? Is it to enhance your customer’s experience or is it just for regulating sales account?
  • Is the CRM fulfilling your business objectives?
  • Do a comparison of your budget and the costing of the CRM. Is the CRM falling in your budget? And if not, don’t overspend for a fancy software.
  • Consider its mobile-friendliness. If you are a person who is always on the go, then this is the feature you must need. And this feature always comes in handy.
  • Inspect the whole CRM software and how it works. Get a good hang of it when trying out their trial version. You don’t want surprises in the end

Some other pointers to keep in mind are the integrations, the customization, the stability of the software, and finally the needs it is fulfilling.

Once you choose the right CRM for your company, it is your job to educate your sales team about the CRM and how to use this resource to manage their workload.

A suitable CRM can become a database of your possible prospects and current customers. It will also store the history of contact between you and your customers which is always a beneficial information that can be put to great use.

So think twice before investing as it is one of the key factors in managing enterprise accounts and here are some CRMs which we recommend for the sole purpose of managing enterprise accounts:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Oracle CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • NetSuite CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zoho CRM

Next Step will speed up your process of acquiring that enterprise customer.

3. Create Knowledge Base

Creating a knowledge base will allow you to spend more time on analyzing the data and coming up with personalized strategies for the prospects in persuasion.

Knowledge base is the best alternative to 24/7 phone support which is not impossible but it will cost you more and drain up your resources.

But there is a way to provide support to your customers 24/7 and it does not require you hiring 10-15 people working round the clock.

You will just have to create a knowledge base and integrate the same in your website, CRM & Live Chat (the next point we are going to discuss). Stay tuned!

This knowledge base will cover questions of all kinds covering every point and every query you can think related to your product or service. For knowledge base to be of value, you have to put your thinking caps and imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes.

This knowledge base will serve as the go-to support option as this is easier and customers love when they get their query resolved without having to follow 10-15 steps which makes it a whole new process.

Knowledge base is cheaper, quicker and more convenient and as a user, I would totally opt to look for my answer in a knowledge base rather than calling someone or waiting for an email to be answered.

If you are confused in choosing the right knowledge base software, here are top 3 which will perfectly work in every industry:

  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Safeharbor

Now, let’s take a look at the last two ways to manage your enterprise phone calls which includes using proper technology and a structured support system.

4. Proper Support Structure & Ticketing System

A proper and structured support system is always a big add on when it comes to customer service and managing enterprise phone calls.

No prospect or customer likes to move like a headless chicken on a website looking for an answer to a simple question or you can’t make enterprise customers wait 15 minutes before they get a proper response from your sales team.

To make it worth their while, you can implement a proper support system on your website which will help your customers navigate through the website and ask only the important questions.

A structured support system results into fewer phone calls, fewer inquiries, more satisfied customers and more business deals.

To implement a support system you need to think two steps ahead of your customers and imagine their queries related to your product/service.

If you are a newbie or confused about how to implement a proper support system then are some tips and pointers to get you started:

  • Keep your support system right in front of your customers. Make sure they don’t have to browse too many website pages. This will save your customers time and add to their satisfaction.
  • Dig deep through your previous customer inquiries and see what is cause of their inquiries. And fix that problem whenever you get the time.
  • Implement a ticketing system wherein a ticket will be generated whenever your customer seeks your service through your website and that ticket is then allotted to one of your customer service agents to look after.
  • Add social media to your customer support system. Twitter and facebook are the easiest way to communicate with your customers and answer their questions. This will not only help reduce the number of phone calls you receive but it will also be a showcase of your commendable support and online presence

With a proper support system intact, a possible prospect gets nurtured without you making any efforts which in result leaves you with better profits.

These are some of the ways we manage our enterprise phone calls and provide excellent customer support at the same time. For us, both the things go hand in hand.

Which of the above mentioned ways you liked? & Which out of the box methods do you use to manage enterprise phone calls?

Comment with below with your views on this article and regarding customer support & managing enterprise phone calls.

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