Top 15 Online Slideshow Makers in 2021

A touching and captivating slideshow is necessary not only when presenting a new product. You can create it when you want to save some sweet memories of your wedding day, summer trip, or your child’s first day at school. A slideshow made of the sweetest moments of your relationship with a friend or your partner can be a great gift. It will help you forever remember the most important times of your lives.

Nowadays, there are plenty of presentation application programs, which claim to have the best presentation tools. In this article, we will have a look at the best photo slideshow software.


  1. Fastreel Online Slideshow Maker

Fastreel is easy to use. You can download your files right to the website. It can be MP4, JPEG, PNG, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, and GIF files up to 500 MB in total. You can also add some music.

With the help of Fastreel, it is a piece of cake to create a presentation incredibly quickly, as the tool is understandable. There are lots of transition styles between clips to choose from. The creation of a slideshow can be done via desktop mode, so there is no need to download an application and go through the long registration process. 


  1. Adobe Slideshow Maker Software

One of Adobe slideshow maker’s great features is that you can try it for free for 30 days. Programs for individuals and for teams are available, which can become really handy when many people are working on the same task.

With the 30-day free pack, the following tools are included. You can invite others to join in and have easily tag-team edits, make unique designs from exclusive premium templates. Then you can share your result with other users, switch seamlessly between them while editing, and much more. 


  1. Smilebox Slideshow Maker

The website offers you more than one hundred templates and the possibility to add more than 400 photos at once. In case some pictures are accidentally deleted, they can always be found in the Cloud. The interface is simple so that everybody can master it within a few minutes. 

The themes to work on are various – from business presentations to birthday parties and memorials. After you’ve finished the slideshow, it can be shared via social media instantly, which can be a nice feature for family presentations.


  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is known for its wide choice of templates, stock images, and clips. With the Vimeo creator. It is a matter of minutes to create a perfect text font or graphics. This slideshow maker has built-in distribution tools, so it won’t be a problem to share the presentation with the help of social media. 

Vimeo users say that it helped them save hours and finish presentations on time, even when they had terrible deadlines. Besides all of this, you can find a guide with some useful tips on how to make your business or family slideshow more effective and eye-catching on the official Vimeo website. Those pieces of advice are quite necessary, especially if the user has limited experience in making presentations.


  1. Animoto

Animoto is hugely popular because it has a great variety of templates for each occasion. It helps users make a video within a few steps, and there is a vast music library to choose a melody from. Animoto is said to be quite useful for business presentations in particular because of its professional features. But you have to keep in mind that those features are available after being paid for. 

There are individual offers and offers for business teams with the extended toolset.


  1. Magisto

Magisto was chosen as the best slideshow maker software in 2020. It is extremely popular among Instagram and YouTube bloggers. With its help, you can create videos, real estate presentations, fitness, cooking, photographer tutorials, YouTube and Facebook video ads, special slideshows, and videos for Instagram for personal usage and commercial purposes.

The price is higher than the average on the market right now, especially for a business account, but free trials are available.

  1. Powtoon

Powtoon will be helpful for those who are looking for the best professional slideshow software. This program is used by Coca-Cola, eBay, Cisco, Starbucks, and many other companies. But the opportunities do not just end in the sphere of marketing. Many teachers and students are using Powtoon to bring a creative element to the studying process. If you are a teacher or work in the sphere of education, this slideshow maker may be quite interesting for you.


  1. Prezi

Prezi works more for those who want to create a mind map or make a presentation unusual. It is widely spread among educators and businesses. It is possible to make up not only presentations but designs and videos as well. It is available in plenty of languages, such as Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.


9Render Forest

Render Forest is known to be the best free online slideshow maker used for non-business purposes. The website contains some tips for creating the most vivid and memorable slideshow which will surprise our family and friends. Various templates available, including those for education and business. Though this software doesn’t have fancy modern technologies for making a presentation, it is fast and easy to use, which is why millions of people choose it.


10. Mentimeter

This software’s main feature is that it allows other people to edit a presentation or a video in real-time. Wherever your colleagues or friends are, they all can easily take part in making a presentation simultaneously. 


11.Libre Office

A classic presentation software, which all of you are definitely familiar with. It is free and can be competitive with the older versions of Windows, like, for example, Windows XP. Moreover, it is available on Linux — which is great. Not so many slideshow makers can work with their full functionality there.


12. Zoho Show

Zoho Show helps to create unusual and eye-catching presentations for business purposes. It has plenty of tools that you are unlikely to need when making something for your family members. Still, your colleagues and boss may appreciate the powerful and comprehensive interface of Zoho.


13.ClearSlide Presenter

ClearSlide Presenter is not just software. It is a whole blog dedicated to the latest updates in customer case studies and returns on investment. The website does not contain only tips for a better presentation, but also science researchers and webinars on different topics.



Piktochart has simple templates, yet it enables you to create a nice presentation on your way to work or class using your smartphone or tablet. It does not offer options for business projects but will definitely be appreciated by teachers and students.


15. Canva

With the help of this slideshow maker, you will be able to create videos and graphics. Canva has what it takes to make up unique data visualization. On top of that, Canva has free tutorials. Among other slideshow makers in the same price range, it has the best functionality. It is available online and for iOS and Android devices.

There are accounts for educators, business, individual, and team usage. The prices vary, but Canva remains one of the most affordable presentation makers with an intuitively understandable interface. Most features can be made by simple drag-and-drop movements, which is ideal for people who do not make slideshows very often.


In Conclusion – How to Choose the Best Presentation Software?

The only way to choose the most suitable presentation maker is to try as much of them as possible. This definitely takes time, but a hands-on approach is the fastest way to figure things out here. You can follow some pieces of advice from your colleagues and friends. Still, every person has their own goals and preferences.

The interface of the slideshow maker must be various yet simple to understand. Being stuck with which button to press to create the particular effect is the last thing that can help your imagination to thrive.

You can have either a free version or a paid one. Here, it is crucial to understand how much money you are ready to spend and whether or not you need dozens and dozens of functions.

The factor you might like to pay attention to is whether or not this particular slideshow maker has unique effects and tools. If you want no obstacles in the way of your imagination, you might need something special.

Good luck with your presentations!



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