Top 10 Media Players For Windows 10

Today in digitalisation, people are opting for technologies that are easily accessible, more efficient, and highly advanced. In the era of Windows 10, people are looking for media players capable of running all popular file formats like MKV, FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. 


So, here are some media players on which we will be discussing; 


6 Best Media Players for Windows 10 


  • VLC Media Player 

  • PotPlayer 

  • KM Player 

  • GOM Player 

  • Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 

  • Kodi

  • DivX Player

  • Plex Media Player

  • 5K player

  • Media Monkey


1. VLC Media Player: 

VLC is one of the most used media players. It was developed during the VideoLAN organisation project in France and is available in 48 languages. For any more assistance with VLC go right here to have your history and crashing problems sorted out.



Type – Media Player License – Free App Size – Windows (38MB), Mac (33MB), Android (24MB), iOS (56MB) Website – 



VLC is safe for windows 10. You can play almost all types of video content, even including some defective and unfinished files. As it supports libavformat and libavcodec, it can playback H264/MPEG-4 part 2, FLV/MXF file formats using FMPEG’s libraries. Its interface is very simple, easy to use, and also includes important features. It supports keyboard commands, and Every function has a shortcut key. The user can customise according to their wishes. VLC doesn’t require any codec installation to play videos and music and has great compatibility with OS X. 



VLC Media Player is Specially featured for video players, so the music gallery can’t be managed, and hard to find songs in the library when it comes to interface programs; it can’t be customised too much. Some minor issues happen while reopening the VLC window. It won’t open in the same place and width as you left it before. 


2. Pot Player: 

Pot Player is the second-best media player and also very popular among users. It was developed by a South Korean Internet Company Kakao (Daum Communications). It is available in 32 languages. 



Type – Media Player License – Freeware App Size – 25.6MB (32bit), 25.9MB (64bit) Website – 



Pot Player supports most of the video/audio formats and DVDs in high quality. It also includes features like WebCam/Analog, Digital TV devices support, DXVA, instant next video playback, etc., which you wouldn’t find in any other video player apps. It also supports keyboard commands, including all types of subtitles, capturing audio/video and screenshots. 



In pot players, some incompatibilities occur with file formats like 4K videos, VIVO, NUV, NSV, PVA, NSA, WTV, etc. Media containers are also not available in this. It supports every window, but minor errors are occurring on windows 10. 


3. KM Player: 

KM Player ranked third place in the list. A South Korean Gang, Yonhhui developed this player, Pandora TV took it over. This media player is available in 31 languages, including Hindi. So this media player got the attention of many Indians positively. 



Type – Media Player License – Adware App Size – 37.25MB Website – 




Km Player is capable of playback video and audio formats including DVDs, VCDs, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, MOV, WMA, AVI, OGG, and RA on windows without creating any issues. It has its internal codec aids, a high range of audio/video recording, subtitle format, allows screenshots, capturing audio/video. It supports incomplete, broken, or damaged AVI files, and it also has a remote control facility to ease users' day-to-day lives. 




KM Player doesn’t function well in listening to music. It needs too many adjustments. Because of so many customisations, sometimes video playback Buggs down in all the preferences. 


4. GOM Player: 

GOM Player is specially made for windows, developed by the GOM & Company of South Korea. It is the best alternative to VLC for windows. It is available only in 6 languages. 



Type – Media Player License – Freemium App Size – 33MB Website – 



It has rich media player features that support a wide range of video/audio formats out of the box. Supports keyboard shortcut keys for commands and comes with the smallest number of default shortcuts. 


Allows users to tinker with how subtitles are shown on the screen, for example, increasing and decreasing the font size and style. Filter controls are available in this. Advanced features like – A-B repeat, screen capture, controlling playback speed, video effects are available. The most eye-catching feature is to open YouTube URLs and play 360-degree videos. 



The new version consumes more space in the system than before. It doesn’t play DVDs in some of the systems. The Gom player doesn’t have some minor features. 


5. Media Player Classic: 

MPC Community Forum developed media Player Classic. This media player is available in 42 languages. 



Type – Media Player License – GNU General Public License App Size – IA-32: 15.1 MB (Exe), x86-64:16.2 MB (Exe) Website – MPC- HC on Doom9 



VCD, SVCD and DVD Playback Is available without additional software or codecs installation. Built-in codecs for MPEG-2 video with subtitle, LPCM, 3GP, MP2, DTS audio, AC3, along with native playback of the Matroska container format. MPC-HC supports Dolby Atmos audio natively. It can use an INI file in its application folder as a portable application



It requires the Direct X upgrade to function properly. To use some advanced features, there are no guidelines. This user has to download a help manual from the developer’s Website. 


6. Kodi: 

Kodi is a free media player developed by XBMC Foundation. This media player is available in 12 (75 including incomplete translations) languages. 



Type – Media player software, smart TV platform, digital media player, digital video recorder. License – GNU GPL (GPLv2) Size – 60.6MB Website – Kodi. Tv 



KODI works smoothly on many platforms like android, iOS, Windows, MAC, android TV Boxes. Over 1000 Kodi add-ons are full of categories and genres of content. Different add-ons can be installed to access the contest. It allows us to watch anything from live TV to record shows. 



Video streaming is poor sometimes with third-party addons. Security issues are the biggest concerns for Kodi users because it’s easy for hackers and snoopers to steal and monitor personal data/ information. 


7. DivX Player


DivX Player is another media player known for supporting several video formats. It claims to be the first player to support free HEVC playback. It further allows you to play videos at 4k UltraHD. It also comes with its own unique set of features, such as bookmarking your favourite scenes and jumping between them.


It is a good option for those looking to stream videos, audios, or podcasts online. It is also compatible with streaming DLNA.



  • Keeps track of both private as well as purchased content

  • Supports free HEVC playback

  • Comes with Trick Play

  • Allows streaming on any DLNA compatible device


8. Plex Media Player


Plex presents users with more features than just a media player. It can help organise all your media, such as TV shows, movies, photos, audio, personal captures, etc. It becomes the one go-to spot for all your content and helps easily organise them. Plex comes with its own set of features, which will appeal to many users. It supports Chromecast and can easily cast videos on your large screen TVs. You can further control it from either your mobile or tablet to view your content.


It also comes with add-on features allowing you to stream online content from different platforms. It also comes with its ad-supported streaming service you can utilise to watch movies and TV shows for free.



  • Organised media management

  • Supports many online platforms

  • Supports Chromecast

  • Enables sharing between devices with Plex


9). 5K Player 


5K Player is a media player programming utilised for watching recordings as well as just as dealing with your assortment of recordings. The apparatuses permit you to add a whole video library to spare time in looking. It additionally claims to play a wide range of organisations with no extra modules. 


The UI of the product is extremely perfect and straightforward also. What's more, it permits you to import music from different sites, for example, YouTube, Facebook, and so forth. The annoying thing about this software, though, is the free version has quite a few ads. They won’t show up during a video, but they can be irritating while a person is searching for videos or changing the settings.


10) MediaMonkey


This one is the latest addition to the free media players for Windows 10 – MediaMonkey. Also commonly called MMW (MediaMonkey for Windows), this free premium software is known to provide a helping hand to people who wish to keep their music organised.


Like other notable movie players, MediaMonkey for Windows PC comes with the ability to extend the functionality with the help of plugins. Users can use them to make the look of the player more appealing, enhance device support and playback, and newer music discovery features.




Best software to manage user media

  • Intelligent file tagging

  • Heavily configurable

  • Users can record and download movies and podcasts.

  • It automatically looks for the album name and other metadata.

  • Users can manage videos, movies, etc.

  • Play videos from CDs, hard drive, or network.

  • Automatic library updates

  • Supports all common media formats

  • Allows creating playlists

  • Highly customisable



It allows iPod connectivity.


Well known for its advanced features, including advanced synchronisation, organisation, tagging and convenient media library.



Too many features are difficult to handle for a beginner.


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