Tips for Making Money Online from Home

There can be many reasons why it would make your life easier if you could earn some money online from home. It could be you have young children that you do not want to leave, or you might just need to earn some extra money in the evenings to save for that holiday of a lifetime. There are a huge variety of jobs that can be done remotely, so here are a few tips about some of the online tasks you could do.

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Freelancing covers many services and there are lots of different ways you can earn money by offering your skills to others. Whether you are a graphic designer, develop websites, write blogs, programme computers or are able to do something that is in demand, you will find there are several sites that advertise the jobs available.

When you are freelancing you can work hours to suit yourself, as long as you meet the deadlines set by whoever you are working for.


Market research companies will pay you to complete surveys online, and there are lots of them out there willing to give you cash for your answers. Most of them take just a few minutes to complete. It really is a case of signing up and starting to answer questions to begin earning money.

Game Testing

If you do not mind playing the same game day in, day out for a couple of weeks, you could try game testing. The developers of games like to try them out with real players before releasing them to the general public. The idea is that any glitches or problems will be found before the game goes on general sale. You might get a bit bored with the game after a few days, but if you are being paid to play it will be worthwhile.

Buying and Selling

You could set up your own online retail business, although this might involve some outlay to start with. It needn’t though if you use the drop shipping way of selling products. This means that you take and process the orders, and the manufacturer or wholesaler sends them to the end user on your behalf. You then only have to pay for what has been sold rather than keeping a stock of goods.

There are many sites you can sell goods on such as EBay and Etsy, or you can try promoting and selling from your own website.

Self-Publish EBooks

You could write a book, fiction or non-fiction, and sell it as an eBook on Amazon or some other site. Some writers are prolific with these, the idea being that the more they have in the market place, the more likely they are to sell some. You do not need to be the best of writers to achieve this, but if you are really concerned about the quality you can always use a freelancer to write it for you.

These are just a few of the suggestions for making money online from home; there are literally hundreds more ways to earn the extra cash you are after

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