Tips to Boost E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Consider existing mistakes

Before implementing new ideas, fixing the existing problems is of high importance as well. The very first thing you should pay attention to is the way your website is built. If it is built in the wrong way, you merely give your competitors an easy opportunity to get your potential clients. Using different methods, evaluate the efficiency of your web page from various angles – the more viewpoints you assess, the bigger your chances are to make people stay on your page. 



While fixing the problems, consider such things as good web user experience, absence of annoying pop-ups, or redirecting to other pages. To be honest, all those things force people to leave the page, though they might like its products. The sooner you remove all those irritating pop-ups and redirects, the better it will be for your conversion rates. 

Instead, providing your website visitors with some assistance is a must. Allow people to get answers to their problems right away. How? Use a live chat. With this tool, you directly engage with the clients and help them immediately. As you assist clients without making them wait, it provides better customer service, thus increase your sales conversions.


Offer customers as much as you can

Choosing an online store, people subconsciously or not, are bound to stay on the website, which has a wider variety of offers, than other ones. 

What might you suggest to your potential clients? First, provide such options as free shipping and return. In 2021, they are a must. Do not make people pay for delivering and giving back products. People may ask themselves - why pay for shipping if I can spend saved money on one more item? Logically? Absolutely! Shipping policies must be easy to find on your web page if you give this option. Also, you may enhance the item's price if it is financially hard to provide a free delivery option.

Second, remember about offering limited discounts to your customers. This method remains one of the most efficient to interest people in visiting your online store. Why not give usual discounts? The purpose is to restrict their time. It's human nature. By telling your clients, they have limited time to buy some products, you capture their attention. They do not have an endless amount of time to consider, thus you get a chance to increase your conversion rates.  

Also, remember to email your clients on special seasonal offers, but do not spam. No one likes receiving endless offers via email.  


Improve your site’s navigation

Website design directly influences conversion rates, thus bad navigation may damage its overall performance. The easier your website navigation is the higher number of visitors you get. 

Make it consistent – avoid making changes unless they are needed. Changing your website from page to page, you just reorient the visitors.



Categories must be divided and have clickable links. Provide visually defined categories and subcategories, so your clients won’t be puzzled trying to find what they need. 

Use precise navigation titles. Users should understand what they can find on a page even before they visit it. An accurate description of linked pages is of high importance. Do not let your visitors leave the page because of confusing navigation! So, check all links, divide categories correctly.


Allow shopping via social media platforms

Social e-commerce is a simple way for people to buy what they look for. Thanks to increasing social media popularity, people do the shopping via social media platforms regularly and find them more comfortable than usual websites. For instance, Instagram users would love to make purchases without leaving a platform. Moreover, they often try to find a specific item there if they have already seen it in an influencer’s account.



Nowadays, people use social media platforms not just to find out the latest news of their friends, but also for some inspiration and, of course, shopping! To be honest, all social media platforms are becoming more and more commercial every year. You should grab this opportunity and create a profile there. Having created it, post great pictures or real images of your business and deliver useful data. Always add tags for better organic traffic and a button to view the products.

Also, remember that it is a social media platform, so remain sociable. Do not flood your followers' feeds with uninteresting posts, because they will simply unfollow you. Not just try to sell your product but entertain users in different ways. So, it is better to have a social media strategy to keep posts in order. Give people a reason to follow your account.

Turn users’ social media engagement directly into sales!


Make a persistent shopping cart

To find out why prospective customers leave your website and turn back before submitting their order is difficult. The reasons may vary from the shipping price to return policies.

Keeping items in the shopping cart persistently increases the chances your customers will return and buy something in the end. For example, some web stores as Amazon tracks the left products of their logged-in clients and saves them for a long time. 



A lot of people add items, not to the shopping cart, but a wish list. Making an unexpired wish list also attracts visitors as they don’t have to save chosen products anywhere else. Sometimes, customers need extra time to consider some purchases, so allowing them to do that is beneficial for boosting your conversion rates.

     Moreover, email an abandoned shopping cart reminder. People often forget to return to their cart after putting off on finishing their purchase. Besides, there are more sad situations. For example, people may be sure they have completed paying for their order without finishing it. People do not like to double-check, so hardly anyone does it. Prevent such issues and always send notifications via email to those clients who have not completed paying for their order.


Provide customers with valuable content

In 2021, valuable content such as giving some useful information to your customers is a must. Creating a blog section on your web page will attract more visitors and potential clients. 

Writing blog posts is one of the ways to make your e-shop look more professional. Provide your clients with relevant tips and tutorials, tell them the latest news related to your business sphere and they will trust your brand much more. 



Second, valuable blog posts drive organic traffic to your e-store. People may share your website articles or simply look for some information and bump into your website blog. Create various sections in your blog section. Start with tips and tutorials, add a review section and encourage your clients to work with you. As you might know, reviews matter and they directly influence the future purchasing decisions of other customers. How to encourage people to write reviews and short articles for your blog? Give them bonuses and limited discounts on their future orders, thus they will be interested in giving feedback. 

Also, consider making podcasts and videos as one more way to engage people on your web page. Not everyone likes reading even if it is a short piece of writing. So, share information via audio and video formats. 

All information in your blog must be relevant and brand-new. Do not rewrite existing articles and publish them as unique ones. Usually, such articles seem uninteresting and do not attract any readers. Remember to provide relevant customers with relevant content. Share your brand history and own experience you would love your customers to be familiar with. 


Optimize your web page speed

You may have the best website design, the coolest products, and the most reasonable prices, but if you make people wait, they will simply leave your e-store. Even if it takes your prospective customers to wait more than a few seconds, you will lose them. So, last advice but not least is to avoid low website speed. 

People visit your website to buy items, not to wait. Conversion, visibility, and usability are key factors of your web page success. Thus, the faster the page loads, the higher conversion rates it will get. The same is with the visibility - the better your website performs, the stronger your brand will be. So, minimizing extra plugins and optimizing the pictures’ size reduces the loading time and keeps clients. Besides, move your website to a better host. You may consider virtual private servers, a dedicated server, or serverless architecture. 

Also, take care of reducing the number of JavaScript and CSS files as they lead to a large number of HTTP requests and slow down the website work. Use different tools to implement this advice.



To summarize, care of your customers’ comfort, implementing methods mentioned in the article. Always treat your clients as the biggest treasure, giving them accurate information, decreasing prices where possible, etc. Never force them to wait on your website, remove unnecessary redirects and pop-ups. Make your clients feel special and important to you, so your conversion rates have a chance to boost.


 About the author:

Debi J. Roberts is a content writer at UKessays. She is a professional in writing and contributes guest posts to various websites regularly.

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