Strategies to Utilize SEO on Your Instagram Account for Social Marketing

Instagram is a versatile and vibrant social marketing platform that has been gaining a lot of traction ever since its inception in October 2010. It is a visual-oriented social media platform where numerous brands and businesses are thriving and learning advanced SEO techniques for pushing their unique brand messaging.

As per, Instagram has upgraded its search functionality. It is now allowing users to find the content they are looking for by keywords for the very first time. Experts feel that the most amazing aspect of the Instagram update is the potential that search enthusiasts and marketers can see for Instagram search engine optimization. Here are some strategies for using SEO on your Instagram account for social marketing.


Decide What your Instagram Brand Message Is  

Using Instagram for your marketing campaigns will only be effective if at the very start you know and decide what your brand message is. Since your Instagram brand message has to be closely aligned to what your established brand message is, you will need to identify or create some brief key phrases and words in addition to some popular as well as specific hashtags that you can use on your Instagram posts. The trick to effective brand messaging is the ability to be able to shorten the conventional brand message while ensuring it retains its meaning and supports your effort to visually represent your brand in the photos of your post. By using the concise brand message together with the hashtags not only will your brand message be clear to Instagram users viewing your posts but also facilitate Instagram’s indexing your posts into the relevant category. You may seek assistance from a digital marketing company to buy 50 real Instagram likes and broaden your audience.


Conduct Contests Offering Attractive Prizes

Even though organizing competitions for engaging with users is not new to social media marketers, Instagram is fast emerging as one of the most favorite destinations due to the higher levels of engagement and popularity among users. Marketers have discovered that by conducting interesting competitions with attractive but not necessarily expensive prizes on Instagram they can engage their target audience more effectively and encourage them to become their followers. While designing contests, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that Instagram is visually-oriented and Instagram users delight in seeing interesting photos. If the contest revolves around photography, it is likely to do better. For better synergy, select the prizes that go well with the contest and your brand. Make sure the contest promotional posts are designed to be compelling so that the maximum numbers of users are enticed to complete the entry formalities and participate.



Identify High-Impact Hashtags and Keywords

Most online marketers are accustomed to using the Google keyword planner for developing a robust marketing strategy; however, unfortunately, it is more difficult to identify hashtags and keywords for Instagram. While you can use many of the available third-party apps to scrutinize the activity on your as well as your main competitor’s accounts, the results you get will typically not be sorted according to relevance. Consequently, your content development team will have to take on the additional responsibility of determining the hashtags that work the best for you both in terms of attracting user eyeballs as well as Instagram SEO. Even though marketing gurus advocate the use of branded hashtags, it is important to appreciate that the process of establishing one and making it popular among your target audience can be long and arduous for small brands.


Leverage the Reach of Influencers

Even with the best of efforts, building a large follower base on Instagram can be a long process and it is well-known that marketers don’t have the luxury of time on their hands, especially as the marketing environment keeps on changing rapidly. Getting influencers to collaborate with your brand can be a relatively smoother affair. While most Instagram users would be familiar with big brands using celebrities of various hues to extol the virtues of their products, it is also true that these celebrity engagements can cost a bomb, which most of the smaller brands cannot afford. However, with a little effort, it is possible to identify Instagram users with more than a few thousand followers who can be persuaded to collaborate with you to endorse your brand. Of course, you need to tie up only with the micro-influencers who are relevant to your brand to retain your business credibility. 

To identify potential influencers, you can make use of one of the several apps developed for this purpose, after which you can reach out to them with a commercial proposal. While it may be relatively difficult to reach an agreement with an influencer with only your product samples as a reward, with a little effort, you can find influencers who will be ready to work with you for reasonably small sums. It is important for you to define your expectations and ensure that the influencer sticks to the operating norms while posting content such as using specific keywords and hashtags, in addition to tagging your brand’s Instagram account. 



With the above-discussed strategies, you could easily go about fine-tuning your account on Instagram for perfect Search Engine Optimization. You would soon realize that your reach, engagement, and even followers have gone up because you could devote your time and energy to optimize your account on Instagram for social marketing.


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