SaaS Link Building: 4-Step Guide for Busy CMOs

The statistics of SaaS companies are off the charts - they are innumerable. How not to get lost in a choice and not make mistakes with link building? We will help you find the answer to this question. There are also pluses that this issue is quite relevant and so popular. This means that many platforms have already been tested by users and their effectiveness has been proven or disproved. This gives us the opportunity to choose the best for ourselves from the following list.


Step 1: Choose your target goals

When you start to plan your strategy, you need to have a specific understanding of your goals and reasons for a particular strategy. Basically, these are 2-3 pages that will bring the main traffic, while the rest will work as an additional opportunity to attract an audience. That is why it is very important to pay attention precisely to finding the pages that will potentially work best. Choose a target. It can be simply attracting a paying audience, or a link to social networks, training or backlinks. Build on the scope and needs of your business when making this choice.


      Here is a list of goals that you can reach with link building:

  • You can develop and increase the number of keywords on your topic

  • It will be much easier for you to attract new referral traffic

  • The ability to have high ratings against competitors

  • Delve deeper into your market knowledge

  • Optimize your links to bring you more value

  • Indexing new pages will also be important for you

  • Link search results will get much broader too

  • You get the opportunity to expand the boundaries and geography of your clients


 After that, for convenience, you can make certain divisions. Let's divide these pages into commercial and informational ones. In the first case, the task of the site will be to provoke the user to buy paid attributes or other information products. In the second, these are mainly platforms designed for free training, which already carry a large amount of information useful to the user. There is a possibility that the commercial and informational purposes of the page may be closely intertwined. Therefore, we advise you to take a responsible approach to the analysis and perform the first step in defining your segment very efficiently.


Step 2: Сut off excess

We move on to the next step, which is no less important than all the previous ones. Now that you have decided on the tactics that suit you and your target audience, it's time for a type of analysis. This does not mean that you need to go to all the sites you find and use all the tactics at once. It is important to prioritize and choose only what is really worth your attention. Factors that we pay attention to during the analysis:

  • Domain rating

  • URL rating

  • Organic traffic

  • Thematic relevance

  • Potential for cooperation                     


Considering all these factors, you are more likely to choose one or more strategies that will bring you success.

What do we mean by “cooperation potential”? Usually, this means that you and your partners will be able to promote each other mutually. For example, do joint webinars and presentations, make guest posts on your sites, use joint content.

 We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is a misconception about posting links in the context of advertising. Not always any link will be better than no link. In fact, you can only make it worse. Any attachment link should contain valuable information, and not just exist.


Only the use of complex analysis will give you enough information to build a strategy and tactics for promotion.

Step 3: Create your strategy 

If you’ve successfully completed the first step, congratulations! You can go straight to building links. It is also not an easy process. It is quite energy-consuming and requires your creativity to be unleashed. Some even argue that it is a kind of art. We want to note that we welcome several tactics, in our opinion, the most attractive and effective. And now we will be happy to share them.


Tactic 1: Guest Posting

The first tactic is called the guest posting principle, the name gives you an idea of how it works. This is a special post that you publish on a site that is different from yours and will give a great opportunity for you and other bloggers to take advantage of. They can also publish their content on your site with a mutual benefit. This is suitable for small start-up companies that are growing and looking for the correct promotion strategy.

 The advantage of this tactic is that it really helps you build quality long-term relationships with the world's leading SaaS companies. But there is also a drawback. For example, you can increase the number of posts, there are limits to stick to. For example, in most cases, it will not be more than 1-5 posts per month. If you are a start-up company, then this may be sufficient for you.


Tactic 2: Content Promotion


Tactic number two is to share your finished content with popular blogs and publications. You can find top thematic bloggers who will be included in the publication of your content and will match your topics and interests. This method is more suitable for those who have 100% quality of their content and know what they need.

The positive side of this tactic is the speed of action. In this way, you can really achieve a good result in a short time.

The disadvantage is that in this case, the content needs to be created on an ongoing basis and constantly made in the best possible way. Not everyone can decide for themselves, so it's up to you how rational it will be.


Tactic 3: List Posts & Comparison Guides

This method means that you are putting yourself on a comparison list on various sites, where people can choose between you and other similar products, comparing quality, price, and so on. Put yourself in the customer's shoes: if you are trying to find something that you need, first of all, you will analyze all possible options. Therefore, getting into one of these lists is a pretty good idea.

The benefits are obvious for those who want to promote their website and attract an audience, but there is a nuance. To promote yourself, you need to attract enough attention to your product as a whole.

This tactic also has a positive effect on well-known and advanced SaaS companies that use your name or brand - you are more likely to benefit from this method.

Among the disadvantages: if you are not yet popular enough, then this tactic will be more difficult for you. You will also need to constantly monitor the relevance of your offer in order to be on par with your competitors.


Step 4: Outreach campaign

The last step can be summed up in one word - action. Upon completion of your analysis and arriving at a final conviction in the correctness of your choice, we begin to create a specific dialogue with our potential partners. Conduct an audit of backlinks using dedicated services. 

There is a special platform where you can find even more helpful tools and instruments for your outreach campaign. SE Ranking is one of those all-in-one platforms, where you can find a big amount of services and help for making your marketing strategy more effective and relevant. Starting from keyword research and ending with the whole strategy line of your project, these guys will make your life easier. Just check the list of opportunities you get: analyzing competitor backlinks, an automated search which will definitely interest your future partners and give you a guarantee of high-quality full-fledged cooperation. 


What points should be considered when doing outreach? We advise you to pay attention to these points:

  • Don't offer reciprocal link placement unless it's part of your plan

  • Do not discuss details until you have agreed to post the link

  • Do not exaggerate or promise what is outside your area of ​​expertise

  • If you get rejected, do not try to break all ties, leave yourself a chance for a second try.

  • Collaborations like these are full-fledged relationships, so be polite and considerate of your partners.


It is indeed true that content marketing cannot be complete without guest posting and guest blogging. This is a valid and good way, so why not try it? Moreover, this does not indirectly affect your income. Link building works better than you might imagine, just give it a try!

If you set your goals right, find good sites, and create a great guest post, you will get amazing results. We advise you to start dealing with this issue now. Hurry up!


Author Bio
Alexandra Khilova has worked in SEO for over five years. She is an SEO consultant and guest contributor, helping digital businesses to open new markets and boost their rankings. 





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