The Rise In Zoom And Other Saas Businesses During The Coronavirus Outbreak


As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us are struggling. With pubs and bars closed and weekends watching Netflix, people of all ages are relying on technology more than ever to not only work from home but communicate with friends and family. In this article, we will be looking into the rise of Zoom and other SaaS business during this time of uncertainty.

The Effect Of Covid- 19 On The World

During this time of uncertainty, a quarter of the world’s population is currently under lockdown due to the going ned to stop the spread of Coronavirus. However, this level of isolation presents its own challenges. Not only does it affect mental health but it also presents physical challenges such as working. Many of us are working from home at this time and this has led to a surge in the number of people relying on online conferencing apps and communication software to work from home efficiently. This has therefore led to a sudden surge in stocks making this the ideal time for start-ups such as this to thrive.

The Increase In Zoom Stock

One of the biggest corporations to benefit from the Covid-19 outbreak is video conferencing company Zoom. With several businesses already utilising the software, several people have begun to download and utilise this software since the implementation of lockdowns. At the time of writing Zoom stock has increased by 2.27%. This is a promising sign for this free to use software as their number of users is rapidly increasing. This is in part down to the need for communication with friends and family. This means that although businesses can benefit from this software, individuals can also benefit from holding quizzes and other conferences online.

This has helped plenty of people in this troubling time as the need for open communication is more important than ever before. However, as more and more people go into lockdown, could we see software such as this being utilised even more.

The Perfect Time For Video Apps


Though Zoom is one of the many existing apps that is also profiting, several other applications have seen a sudden surge in popularity. Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, have created the perfect app that everyone needs in Quarantine in the form of Houseparty. As more and more of us begin to get used to the lockdown we find ourselves in, we are finding new and interesting ways to talk to our friends and family and this app is ideal. It allows you to not only communicate with friends but it allows you to play games and join the parties of others on the app. Whether you are looking to chill and watch Netflix with friends or have a leaving party for a colleague, this app is a new and creative way of communicating whilst in lockdown.

In addition to this, several other applications both in the gaming industry and video conferencing software are benefiting such as Google Duo, Skype, Microsoft Teams and many others. Not only are they providing the ability to communicate, but they are also keeping people connected at all times.

The Surge In Saas Businesses

As the lockdown continues all over the globe, we are set to see more and more businesses benefiting from this sudden growth in the online video call market. Whether this is providing a way to play games online or a more stable way to host business meetings, this is the perfect time for smaller businesses to capitalise off of a business idea. As more and more people are spending time browsing their phones, many are looking for brand new applications. This, therefore, is leading to a surge in the need for Saas applications and services such as time management software’s that are being used to manage to work from home, but the real question is, will this continue when quarantine is lifted? Though this is vastly uncertain at this time, it is a promising time for businesses of all sizes within this growing industry.

With this in mind, this is a strange time that we are living in as we all become accustomed to being isolated inside, but how will this affect the future of business following the lifting of lockdown restrictions? Only time will tell.

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