Putting Your Business on the Front Page

There's no doubt about it, the world as you know it is rapidly changing. As a business owner, your survival depends on adaptation. Today, with advancements in technology, there are new ways to promote your business, keep it safe and satisfy your customers. 

Old Methods that Still Work 

Marketing is the foundation of any business. It only makes sense that you need to continue to attract new customers. Thankfully, there are still tried and trusted ways to bring in new business using old methods. One such example is a hands-on approach where you engage in person with the public. Physical contact remains an effective tool for improving sales. Securing a spot at a trade show and pitching a pop up canopy tent is a great way to gain name recognition. Another way is to sponsor local teams or host a summer wine festival or pig roast. 

Exposure on the Internet 

If you want to gain new business you need to have more people visit your website. Having a presence on social media can provide large dividends in short order. Millions of people are on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Placing an ad that pops up randomly will attract potential customers to your website. Before setting it in motion, it's important to figure out what age group is most apt to have an interest in your product or services. Then calculate, based on facts, the times that this group is likely to be on social media. 

The Future is Now 

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and unless you keep up with the times, your business may soon lose its competitive edge. Websites are no longer a look and see experience for customers, they are engaging. For example, animated whiteboards are becoming more the norm, keeping the customer interested in your company longer. Chabot is a form of AI intelligence that retains information about a customer who has visited your site in the past and offers suggestions for added merchandise. With Chabot, you can also improve the customer experience. When the bot pops up and asks “how can I help you?” they feel connected.    

Actual Growth 

Of course, you can bring in additional business, but if your customer service is lacking, you'll lose as much as you gain. Customer service is a large part of any business’s success, yet many owners still don't make the effort to improve it. Having an experienced staff is critical. Everyone who deals with the public should understand company policies and understand how to treat people, especially those upset. Company pamphlets and annual meetings are a few ways to ensure that your employees are all on the same page. 

Customer Loyalty 

Customer loyalty is something a business earns. Your loyal base is a valuable asset. When a person feels good about a company, whether it's their products or their services provided, they tell others. From one customer you can gain 20 or more through word of mouth done. This is an effective marketing tool that continues to pay dividends. However, if you disappoint, the partnership ends and instead of word of mouth working for you, it now works against you. One way to keep your loyal base happy is to keep them in the scope of your business and any changes. Another way is to offer small monetary offerings or products/service rewards for every new person they recommend.   

Personal Information Safe 

Today, the internet is a feeding ground for cyberattacks. While you can't thwart off 100 percent of the attempts, you can remain vigilant. Having anti-virus software and using an outside service that encrypts personal information, are two helpful measures. As standard practice, no business should take in or retain customer information that's no longer necessary. Letting your customers know that you are taking steps to keep their information secure will go a long way to enhancing customer satisfaction.   

It takes many years to establish a business that's profitable. In order to continue to grow your business, you must have excellent marketing, customer service and keep your business and customer's personal information safe.

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