New Sales Software to Try in 2020

Have you heard of some of these great sales tools that can make your job a lot easier and enable you to get way more sales? Check out the list to see what could work for you:

  1. Zopto

Looking to branch out beyond email? Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that enables you to reach out to a targeted list of prospects at scale. LinkedIn InMails also get 3 times as many responses compared to regular emails. Use filters to find your ideal customers, select the level of engagement you’d like, and then expect replies to be coming your way!  


  1. Lemlist

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to send out mass cold email campaigns, Lemlist is a good fit. Lemlist integrates directly with your gmail and sends out an email to your list every few minutes (rather than all at once) in order to decrease the likelihood of getting in spam traps. The tool is super easy to use, and the company provides lots of great content to help you with your outbound sales efforts. 


  1. Highspot

Highspot is a sales enablement tool that allows you to share content (marketing materials, presentations, sales plays, trainings, etc.) with your fellow sales colleagues. Instead of working in a silo your team can work together to share what’s working and resonating with their prospects. 


  1. Owler

Are you looking to gain more insight and stay up to date on the latest news for your target accounts? Owler is a great way to do this. You can track the companies you care about most, get insights that would be hard to find elsewhere, and become aware of good opportunities. 


  1. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a powerful tool that enables you to build lead lists. The data is constantly being manually verified by researchers at DiscoverOrg, so this is one of the most reliable resources out there for gathering data to prospect. They also have a “Scoops” features that tells you vital information about new initiatives going on within a company. 


  1. Outreach

Outreach is an advanced sales automation tool. It can help you effectively reach out at scale to a list, set up cadences, and manage pipeline efficiently. The tool has several analytics features that can help you optimize your reachout. 


  1. salesmsg

People get tons of emails in their inbox everyday, so it can be difficult getting your message to stand out. But there’s another channel you can try out with the right compliance - as long as you get an opt-in. That channel is text messages, and there’s a tool called salesmg that enables you to stay organized and scale your campaigns. You’re sure to get a much higher response rate from prospects and expect to get great feedback on the modern experience.

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