A Look At The Most Useful- And Necessary- AV Equipment For Your Next Event

Your event, no matter how big or small it would be, will require a number of things. You may need a caterer, for instance, and you definitely need a venue that will fit all your guests or attendees. But alongside this, you would also need the right AV equipment. Whilst some more intimate gatherings and smaller venues may not need much in terms of AV equipment, there is certain equipment that all events will need. So, what precisely do you require when it comes to AV equipment, and what are these? Here’s a look at the most useful – and necessary – AV equipment for your next event.

A Projector

Most events will require projectors, especially if there will be a presentation or speaker. But the kind of projector you choose will depend on the kind of event you are having. Are you, for example, showing videos or presentations? Do you need to stream someone's interview or speech? If you have presentations, you need a projector that's brighter for better visibility. You should also think about the natural light that filters into your venue because a brighter room will need a bright projector, so everything is visible. For streaming, it may be best to go for a rear screen projector, as confirmed by experienced AV hire specialists like PSPAV.


A microphone/s

Before you can choose your microphone/s, you should know its purpose and location (for instance, will it be required in just a single area)? If a single speaker requires a mic and it will stand in just one spot, then you can go the wired route. But if a speaker will take questions from an audience, you may want a handheld mic that is wireless so they can move around freely. If someone is having a presentation and they need their hands free, you can opt for a lavalier, which is a small mic that can easily clip onto clothing or an earpiece. If you're opting for a wireless mic, remember that it requires a transmitter so it can send signals. For headset or lavalier mics, a 'bodypack' transmitter should be ideal since you can mount it on clothing or place it in a pocket.


A soundboard/mixer

If you need more than a single microphone in the room, you would need to make sure that the sound is balanced, and you also need to control the mic feedback and adjust the level of volume on the mics. For all of this, you would need a soundboard/mixer. These consoles can help your audio-visual team combine and manipulate different signals for audio prior to having them routed to the speakers. Your audio-visual team should also know the number of speakers that will require microphones. If your event requires extra microphones for the audience, you would need a mixer with more than enough channels.



Of course, if your event needs to support various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, then you would require proper bandwidth. The bandwidth will dictate the amount of information that the Internet connection will be able to handle at a certain period, so if you have enough bandwidth, this results in consistent speeds for uploads and downloads. You can also benefit from better streaming, and it will prevent your Internet connection from crashing.

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