The Importance of Great UI Design


Years of R&D have culminated in a great product. The decision has been made to sell directly to the market via a website. The product is great, this much is certainly based on the number of awards it has won. However, traffic to the website is low. It seems people land on the landing page from links and search engines but go no further. If this sounds familiar it is a common enough problem, the user interface, the tools used by a visitor, and potential clients are lackluster, worse illogical. The simple truth is someone visiting the website has no idea a product is being marketed to them let alone the expensive backend that was developed to sell the product is hardly used.


UI Design is Important

There are several textbooks and articles written on the subject, however, they tend to be geared at professionals already working in the UI or UX spheres. For the business owner looking to outsource the website design sifting through books and articles is not feasible time-wise. Looking to hire a UI design company is always an option and recommended for any company that doesn’t have a design department. That being said the UI can make or break a website and is a critical consideration during development, so having an understanding of some of the key concepts that separate great UO design from the subpar can be beneficial.


Simple Design

The Internet loves numbered lists, fair enough they do make information easier to digest than an academic essay, but one can be intimidated by the sheer number of important aspects to UI according to some. The following brief list shows the more critical aspects of UI design that also illustrate the importance of it. The first commandment is simple design.

Complex layouts with multiple interface options may look the business and show off a certain amount of skill but is a customer can’t navigate through it all what’s the point? Simple design allows the potential customer to navigate through relevant pages and information with ease. Further, they should be able to easily make up their minds regarding purchases and know what is being bought. This sounds like an oversimplification of the website's purpose but there is beauty in simplicity.



People are programmed through eons of evolution to see patterns, it allows for the easy understanding of where they are and what they see. To make every page of a website vastly different, or “unique” seemingly destroys what eons have taught us. By using repeated elements like buttons, menus, and function may sound boring but your customers will thank you at least subconsciously when they only need a few minutes to buy what they want.



The list of the above two fundamentals to UI design is what all great UIs are based on. It’s hard to call it a list but by keeping these two fundamentals in mind the bigger picture of the web site's purpose is kept in mind. The opposite involves meeting after meeting discussing the animation on a button and the color of a drop-down menu. Nobody has time for that.

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