How to Work with SaaS Content Marketing

Marketing your Software as a Service (SaaS) business is challenging due to the market being saturated with tech industry giants like Adobe and Salesforce. Recent reports indicate that the SaaS market is growing by 18% annually, with 78% of small businesses relying on SaaS solutions in their business workflow. 

Despite the competition, it is still possible to position your SaaS brand on the market and attract valuable B2C and B2B leads through content marketing. Additional data indicates that less than 20% of SaaS business’ revenue comes from existing customers, with SaaS companies investing 80-120% of revenue toward content marketing. 

You will have to invest time and resources into marketing your SaaS if you want to make a profit and continue your business’ organic growth. Let’s discuss how to do that and the benefits of SaaS content marketing in the following segments.

Perks of SaaS Content Marketing

Marketing your SaaS isn’t unlike marketing an eCommerce or a service outsourcing platform. The difference is that SaaS solutions require people to stay on board for an extended period and pay recurring fees from the moment they convert. Think of a corporate version of Netflix or Hulu and you will have a good idea of what type of a product you are marketing. 

Many SaaS such as Nord VPN, Avast, and even Google Drive operate on this model and can be used as a reference in your marketing efforts. Marketing your SaaS has several perks which will make the process of strategizing and delivering content to potential customers worth your time:

  • Ability to demo your SaaS

  • Increased online reach

  • Improved SEO for your website

  • Access to user interaction analytics

  • Increased ROI and revenue generation

Ways to Work with SaaS Content Marketing

  1. Showcase Real-World Use Cases of your SaaS

The best way to market your SaaS is to show exactly how people can use it to their advantage. People who are looking for an online accounting tool will naturally gravitate toward ads that showcase the functions they need, for example. 

Or, if students are in the mindset of “I need to write my research paper fast”, they will look for tools related to paper writing. You can create short videos or animated clips on how your SaaS can be used in real life. This will spark audience interest and bring more people to your website landing page where you can pitch your SaaS in detail.

  1. Entice People to Subscribe with Free Trials

Your SaaS brand has to be famous and well-respected for you not to use free trials in content marketing. Even large companies with an established international presence offer 7, 14, or month-long trials to new subscribers. 

Allowing people to subscribe without paying a dime beforehand will ensure that more people try out your SaaS. Most importantly, you will be able to collect user interaction data with your SaaS to build new features and detect bugs early going forward.

  1. Establish a Social Media Presence for your SaaS Brand

Whether you’re marketing to B2C or B2B stakeholders, social media channels are your best bet to reach more leads. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok as of recently are amazing platforms to market your SaaS on. 

You can deploy a variety of content types on these platforms, including short-form writing, explanation videos, animation, and even live streaming. Social media will allow you to directly interact with your stakeholders, answer their questions, and share loyalty and referral codes with them. These will encourage people to follow your social media pages closely and to subscribe to your SaaS shortly thereafter.

  1. Use Numeric Data to your Advantage in Content Marketing

When it comes to ads related to SaaS, people like to see numbers and empiric data in the marketing content. Numbers are hard to lie about and people consider them tangible evidence of a brand’s value. Even if you write the usual numbers such as “24/7 availability” or “100% success guarantee”, they will still help your cause immensely. 

Students in need of an essay should use a reliable platform to get their papers done on time and by professionals with academic experience. To target students on social media, you will need to play to their expectations and needs in terms of services they need at that moment. Only use truthful, verifiable numbers in your content marketing for SaaS to avoid public image problems if the numbers turn out to be wrong.

  1. Short Tutorials on How to Use your SaaS 

Tutorials are another great content marketing format you can use to market your SaaS. Depending on how in-depth its functionality is, you can create a variety of how-to guides and useful tips for potential users. 

Once users see how the platform can be used practically, they will understand its value for their business or home environment more clearly. The best way to create tutorials for SaaS is via video or animation with narration by your developers or a professional actor. Share your tutorial content on social media and post it on your website in the form of blog posts to maximize its use potential.

  1. Work with Influencers on Marketing your SaaS

Working with influencers is a great way for you to reach a wider audience online. Influencers who are closely related to your SaaS business’ industry or are simply fans of what you have accomplished can promote your product very effectively. 

In working with them, you will reach their audiences and ensure that your content marketing is seen by more people. Keep in mind that influencers work on commission, for certain perks, or flat monetary fees, however. Approach the influencers you deem fit for your SaaS or publish an open invitation for influencers to reach out to you. This is a modern, effective way to create content marketing materials and expand your SaaS brand’s reach.

Continuously Improving your SaaS Content Marketing (Conclusion)

As you market your SaaS via content marketing, you will gain access to content interaction data from your stakeholders. This will inform you on which keywords, topics, and emotional triggers work best for your audience. 

Adapt your strategy to your target audience and continuously work on improving your content marketing. Don’t stagnate and recycle content –innovate instead and more and more people will be enticed to check out your SaaS.

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