How to Make Extra Money with Your CAD Skills

Whether you have a 9-5 job and want to make some cash on the side, or you’re currently unemployed and looking for a way to use your skills, you can take advantage of the online marketplace. If you already have the skills necessary to generate CAD software, take these steps to develop your design skills further.

Create Your Software

Plenty of people are looking for CAD software online because they don’t know how to produce it themselves. As you’re aware, CAD software is a tool that is needed to create renderings for use in 3D printing. If you think that the software on the market is too complicated for beginners or could run a process in a more straightforward way, consider creating an open-sourced software other programmers can use.


Create Your Own Products

Already have a component CAD software and a 3D printer? You can start creating your own projects online and selling them for cash. Plenty of designers have created objects like self-watering plants, earbud holders, clocks, card deck shufflers, and more and sold them on online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy. 

If you don’t have a 3D printer, but you’re still interested in creating and selling 3D objects, you can consult the help of a 3D printing service that will provide the materials and labor.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a 3D printer, but you do have CAD models, you can sell those models online as well. Many cosplayers and customers will create 3D fantasy weapons and guns within CAD software.

Create a Blog or Youtube Channel

Creating CAD software and the industry that surrounds 3D printing is still a new technology. Many people want to get into 3D printing but aren’t sure how, or they’re looking for an enthusiast group that likes to talk about tech. You can start a community of other people interested in 3D printing by creating a blog or Youtube channel that talks about these topics.

You can also use your blog or Youtube channel as a way to sell your products. For example, If you’re speaking about aerodynamics in toy planes while 3D printing, you can promote your created 3D printed model planes or software that makes them.

Teach CAD Skills

Many universities don’t offer a competitive and comprehensive course on programming for CAD software. As a positive, many programmers will notice that CAD skills are closely linked to other programming skills, so you can use the same teaching style as computer science courses. Using a Youtube channel or a website like Skillshare, you can earn money by teaching. 

As an alternative, you can sell courses that teach CAD skills but in a more complete package.

Freelance Work

If you’re capable of working from home effectively and you’re able to market your skills, consider freelancing on the side. Websites like connect buyers to CAD designers that qualify talent with design contests, rather than credentials. Freelancing is a great way to get more experience as a programmer without getting hired at a tech company.

You will need to build a website to find work because it makes you look more professional. Your website can also serve as a portfolio to future clients.





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