How To Learn Optimizing Your Video Marketing Campaigns: 7 SEO Tips

Properly optimized video campaigns are the keys to high conversions. You will agree that most web users and businesses leverage videos to entertain, educate, inform and inspire themselves about what matters to them.  In one way or the other, these actions attract people to the video content. So, the integration of video content into one's website or blog has become one of the most proactive ways to rank above competitors or other industry players on search engines. 

Search engines like Google are aware that most contemporary internet users are visual learners and thinkers. So in any case, video marketing is a powerful promotion tactic and will make an excellent addition to your SEO strategy.  Research has it that nine out of ten consumers expect to consume more video content from their favourite businesses and brands. This makes video an indispensable part of any brand's marketing strategy. 

The reason is simple. According to, video contents are easier to understand than plain text. 98% of consumers attested to the fact that explainer videos have helped them to learn more about the goals and values of a brand. This explains why most video contents get more social shares akin to images and text within a short period. 

Therefore, digital marketers often take a cue from the benefits that come with video campaigns and strive to create persuasive video content. However, a lot of people underestimate the role of search engine optimization (SEO) in their video marketing strategies. The video will not produce the desired results or outcomes without an excellent SEO tactic. 

You cannot depend only on trends when making videos.  An effective approach is to make sure that your videos rank well on search engines and other relevant platforms. Otherwise, the efforts and resources expended while creating the video will go down the drain.

In this article, we will look at the meaning of video marketing campaigns and why it is important. Then we will walk you through the seven tips for creating an SEO-optimized video for individuals and brands. 

What are Video Marketing Campaigns?

A video marketing campaign is a process of combining both the sound and visual elements to inform, educate and entertain the target audience. Marketing videos are one of the most popular ways for brands and individuals to increase awareness on social media and other relevant platforms. 

Various videos on the web provide answers to lingering issues and pain points of any consumer. Users retain pieces of information from these videos and remember the messages within a short period. 

Thus, marketing videos remain one of the most significant ways to communicate or interact with both existing and prospective customers. 

There are various types of online video content. One type of video might help you to pull off a specific marketing goal. Other video types might boost your lead generation strategies and increase conversion.

Let’s explore the top three types of marketing videos that you should look out for when you want to broaden your brand’s reach. 

  • Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short-form digital marketing videos that are used to explain your brand's product, service, goals, and values. 

Businesses often position the explainer videos on their blog’s homepage or a product page.   

An explainer video has a solid call-to-action (CTA) at the end. Typically, it utilizes animations or real-time actions to help users to know the business without friction. If you want to learn more information about this, than check this service.

  • How-to Videos

How-to videos are no different from tutorial videos and instructional videos.  Some individuals also regard them as training videos. Unlike the explainer videos, they help users to understand how to use a specific product or service and enhance authenticity. 

These videos answer questions and encourage consumers to use products that they haven’t used before. Unlike the explainer videos, the how-to videos utilize compelling storylines to engage users and help them to learn new things. 

  • Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are digital marketing videos that show the video of a client praising a brand. In most cases, they discuss how that brand’s services have helped them to work around a problem. They might also explain how they utilize the services and what they like about the brand. 

In other words, you are allowing your customers to promote your business! This way, you can establish credibility. 

Why is Video Marketing Important? 

There’s no telling that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your products and services. You might still nurse some doubts. Let’s briefly look at the top two reasons most digital marketers and brands consider video marketing important. 

  • Videos Build Trust

Trust is the bedrock of conversions and high sales. However, trust-building is an independent goal. Trust creates long-term and healthy relationships. It is not enough to drive traffic. It would help to provide informative and interesting posts so that users can feel comfortable with employing your services.  

Promotional videos will probably engage your audience and foster trust.  Research has it that 57% of users say that videos gave them the morale to purchase online. 

  • Videos show Excellent ROI

83% of brands attest to the fact that videos offer a good return on investment. Even though video creation is not the cheapest and easiest option, it is worth it.

 Plus, digital video editing tools are becoming more and more affordable. With a good smartphone, fantastic mobile editing app, and excellent background, you can make compelling videos. 

 7 Tips to Create an SEO-Optimized Video

Let's explore the seven tips to create an SEO-optimized video. 

Create Interactive and Shareable Videos

It is one of the most essential tips that we can offer you. So first things first, what does an interactive and shareable video entails?

Interactive and shareable videos should come with value. Value in this context means that your videos provide solutions to the common problems among existing users and prospective customers. In short, it solves a problem. A problem-solving video will interact better with consumers. In return, they would share your content with other people so that the latter can enjoy similar benefits.

Thus, consumers will interact well with your videos when you tailor your content to their needs. 

It would help to also make the viewing experience a stimulating one. For instance, you can create quality videos with 1080p resolution and higher. 

You can also take cues from competitors. That's the best way to surpass them as far as this is concerned.

Add Video Transcripts

Most search engines such as Google want to digest and understand your content. One sure-fire way to make it work is to include a video transcript. 

A video transcript will help search engine robots to interpret your content effectively. It can also help them to figure out your target audience. 

You can even add your target keywords in the transcript, increasing your ranking even further! 

Utilize Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most essential steps to take when optimizing your video marketing campaigns. Doing a substantial amount of research will make or mar your video marketing tactic.

If you are a newbie, it would help to focus on non-competitive keywords. That way, you can build a strong online presence from the scratch. It will also help you to compete with big brands easily.

Tailor your Metadata

You will agree that descriptions and titles play a significant role in the SEO of every video content. If you do not include them, Google will help you to put something there.

But what if Google places what you don't want? That's the reason you should tailor your metadata. Your metadata ranges from adding relevant video titles, thumbnails, descriptions to tags. So you have to make them as appealing as possible so that users can click on them.

Dedicate a page for videos on your blog 

Your website SEO performance is equally vital to your success. In any case, video and website SEO depends on each other. So you must create a web page that is relevant to the topic in your video

Make sure you position your video in the center of the page to make it more visible.

Upload Videos on Social Media 

Social media can boost your blog's SEO and video SEO at a go. 

You earn more awareness and visibility for your brand when you upload your videos on channels like Instagram.

Plus, social media users will share your videos with other people when they like them. That way, you get more viewers.

Optimize for Mobile 

Do you know that 50% of people view YouTube videos through their phones? So you should keep mobile optimization in mind when creating videos. Make sure that they can view those videos on their phones. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is a long-drawn-out enterprise and you just have to remain consistent. It would help to keep creating video content and adopt all the SEO tips mentioned earlier. You can also Time tell. 

SEO is a long-haul game, and you just have to remain a persistent player. It’s just like writing blog posts, but with videos! So keep creating content and apply all the video SEO tips we’ve outlined above, and your ranking is inevitable! It is only a matter of time.

Author Bio:

Sherri Carrier is a professional writer and a member of several writing clubs in New York. She writes articles for Easy Essay,, and dissertation writing help.  She has been writing her poems since she was a child. The young author gets inspiration from her favorite writers and people whom she loves.


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