How to Launch Your Software Solution in an Industry


If you have taken some time to develop software that addresses the needs of your customers, you must also work towards making sure that they actually like it. You have to understand that your launch process is not going to go in your favor if you don’t take some time to research it.

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However, on the other hand, if you plan to make your product launch live up to your expectations, you need to pay attention to some key things. In this article, I am going to highlight eight tips that you can use to make your software launch process a success.


Create a Proper Timeline

Your first order of business should be to begin your project with a proper timeline of things. To make sure that you are not caught by surprise during the launch, you need to make sure that you have developed a plan for everything from goals to metrics.

When you are launching a product or service in any industry, there is a level of stress attached to it. Those who don’t plan for the future get sucked into this tension and end up being a failure. A proper timeline will act as an anchor point guiding you in the right direction. 


Begin With a Soft Launch

Now that you have got all your project details aligned, you need to get down to real business. Just like it is important to get a whiff of your items when launching something like a new restaurant to make sure that your recipe is up to the mark, you need to get your software check by professionals in the industry.

A soft launch might include offering your software to your existing customers so that they can test it for bugs. You can use a soft launch to figure out the potential of your software and determine its scope. You should take a soft launch as a benchmark regarding how the actual launch might turn out to be. 


Gather Feedback and Build upon That

One of the main reasons why a soft launch is so important before the actual launch of your software is because of the fact that it will help you realize all the things that you shouldn’t be doing. Before you pour any real resources into your product, you should assess whether it is going to work or not. 

You can gather more feedback about your software through public surveys and polls to help you define immediate and future goals. By taking into account different things like:

  • What functionality do your customers want from the software?

  • Is there any problem in the industry that you can capitalize upon?


Create a Proper Communication Plan

A communication plan is essential for supporting the launch process of your software and making your job easier for you. Your plan should include a proper summary of all the tasks and goals of the project along with all the major elements of the software you are offering. 

A proper plan is also going to help your marketers and executives lure people into the prospect of buying or working with you and reveal the true potential of your product. It gives them the needed talking points so that they can use them to reel investors in. 


Get Your Team Hyped and Train Them

You have to understand that a software launch is a proper process that involves hard work from not one but every department in the organization. While the major responsibility is going to lie on your sales and marketing team, every department must work with each other to create a seamless process.

You should ensure that everyone who is working with a specific software knows the intricate details regarding it. It is going to ensure that everyone working on the same project speaks that same language and has the needed knowledge to assist customers any way he wants to be served.



Secure Buy-In From the Sales Team

Building software is one thing and properly launching it in your industry is another ordeal. To make sure that your sales team is working optimally, you have to give them a much-needed incentive, so that they give all they have to sell the product for you. 

You should make the sales process a contest between the marketing team so that everyone fights for the top spot. Healthy competition is going to turn into your favor and going to make your team ever happier as they will be getting a proper reward for all the effort that they put into the project. 


Create a Launch Plan 

While your sales team is responsible for delivering the software into the hands of the user, it falls upon your shoulder to make sure that they have something to work with. The objective of creating a launch plan is to create momentum so that everything starts aligning in your favor.

Your main goal should be to disrupt your competitors by creating a marketing strategy that puts your software above anything that they have ever created. Your key objectives should be to:

  • Begin your marketing efforts with your existing customers

  • Plan to take your competitors head on

  • Don’t be discouraged by a few setbacks


Execute the Plan with Precision

Last but not least, after you have developed a proper plan for the launch process, you need to execute it precisely. You should capitalize on your launch by choosing a date that coincides with what you are trying to achieve, like a significant trade show or conference. 

Launching your product on an important date is going to help you reel in lots of potential customers and create hype about the software you are about to launch. Because at the end of the day, it's all about making people see the worth of the product that you are about to bestow upon them.


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