How eCommerce brands can utilise Email Marketing

In this day and age, technology is vital for any business to survive and increase revenue. Marketing is an important concept to any business as it not only sells your products, but it can also increase brand awareness, engage customers and grow business. With advancing technology and smart marketing, businesses can grow and increase sales by utilising email marketing. This is a smarter way to market to your customers and engage them to benefit from extra sales.

There are lots of methods in which you can use email marketing. But the main method which is used is small and seasonal marketing campaigns such as back to school season marketing campaigns. These target a specific group or season. Usually, traffic and sales fluctuate in the annual cycle so, by using the method of small and seasonal marketing campaigns, you can adjust your marketing strategy and stop the fluctuations. You need to take the opportunities to capitalise on events across the year from Mother’s Day to back to school season. This means driving more attention to your product or service to boost your business revenue during that time. This method can be used annually but takes trends into consideration. Especially, if you are a B2C business, most likely trends that were popular last year, they are not this year. However, there is an opportunity to upsell your products and services during seasons such as Christmas and Valentine’s day when customers are more willing to spend extra money. This method takes a lot of planning and needs to be introduced at the right time so you can utilise email marketing. Also, small and seasonal marketing can help you reach new customers that you might not have reached before with a general all year-round campaign. This means that it will be easier to build your email lists and utilise email marketing.

There are more methods to help to utilise email marketing

One of them is creating subscription forms. This helps to build a high-quality subscription database of active and interested customers. Growing your email list is important for utilising email marketing so you could email your campaigns out to the right people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. The only drawback of this method is the need of constant updating as some customers may become inactive. This method will only help to utilise email marketing if you got strong database.

Creating a mobile friendly design of the campaigns is essential. As it is more likely that a customer will check their emails on their smartphone. This method is most likely will need a third party to help with the design, so it works as best to its ability. So, this comes at a higher cost unlike some other methods. But if the design is right, the open rate and conversion rates increase simultaneously.

Timing is a major factor to consider and use as a method to utilise email marketing. Understanding when customers are the most likely to open your emails will allow you to design an appropriate communication strategy. This will help to achieve large outreach and increase open rates, which means you will utilise email marketing. This method cannot be used too often as consumer patterns change regularly. Combining this method can with seasonal marketing to take the advantage of the surges during different times of the year.

To utilise email marketing, creating a cart abandonment email is a great method to win back potential sells. Using automated basket recovery mails will increase the conversion rate. One drawback of this is the struggle of capturing the email address. So, focusing on getting it early in the process is essential for this method to work and to utilise email marketing. This method can be used by any business and for any customer the only thing to remember is to capture their email and send them a reminder of the right basket.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective way to promote your ecommerce brand. Using these methods, you will utilise email marketing to take the advantage of the benefits. Businesses can harness the power of technological marketing tools as it will not only grow your brand awareness but engage customers and grow sales.

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