How are AI tools important for content marketers in 2021?

AI (artificial intelligence) is a broad field of computer science dealing with the development of intelligent machines and smart tools to accomplish tasks that would typically require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has already made a huge difference in the world of content marketing.

AI doesn't intend to make you a useless writer; it simply hopes to make writing content a lot easier. Artificial intelligence and human talent have yet to reach their full potential, but one thing is certain: marketers would do well to incorporate them into their marketing strategy. With AI-powered tools, marketers can discover an endless amount of relevant topics to write about and update certain variables within the content in a way that makes it more engaging for the reader.


Importance of AI- Tools in Content Marketing

Digital marketing is all about content. Content quality can make or break the success of a digital marketing strategy. The content marketing arena has been around since the last decade. So, many AI tools help generate unique, plagiarism-free, eye-catchy, and engaging content. 

Artificial intelligence allows marketers to create content automatically for their products and provide an opportunity to run their business smoothly and effectively. The use of artificial intelligence is already part of your content marketing strategy.

You can use it to make the most effective and necessary action by analyzing data to improve your content marketing strategy. Additionally, it can be useful for your content marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence is being used to create content in large numbers.


Automatically generate content

Some tools allow you to create an entire article set based on a few keywords. In terms of SEO-related content creation, AI tools are better equipped to script the process. The current generation of AI tools can work on any number of articles, and at a much faster rate than a human content creator, with dynamically changing SEO rules and algorithms.


Optimizing & editing the content

Additionally, you can use AI to paraphrase and summarize existing articles and achieve grammar, plagiarism, and proofreading with the help of AI tools. It is human nature to make mistakes. AI tools will help to minimize these human errors and therefore save a lot of time if used effectively.


Customize your content

There are a large number of online businesses that collect information about their customers. By customizing content based on visitor data (such as place, demographics, and shopping habits), you can create compelling content for audiences that will appeal to their interests.

You can have a specific call-to-action or a dynamic landing page that changes based on geography or industry! And can further improve Personalization by introducing a smart chatbot that curates content for the users after learning about past interactions.


Content Marketing

Content marketing can be data-driven with AI-enabled tools that consider user data and look at competitor marketing strategies. You can use a social media tool to listen to social media and create a social media calendar to maximize reach and revenue.

This article will examine the most popular AI-enabled tools for creating, curating, and optimizing content. Here is a list of AI Tools used in content marketing, which shows the importance of AI-Tools for content marketers in 2021.


Best AI-Tools for Content Marketing

Here is a list of some most important AI Tools Used in the world of content strategies to assist you in ranking your content by making it more engaging, unique, and interesting.


1. is an incredible Paraphrasing tool online available with rewriting and high-quality paraphrasing ability. The distinctive option of this tool is that it permits you to analyze your writing critically and rephrase the content.

This tool uses consistency to maintain the natural tone of the content. is so simple to use. You can paste or type your content in the original text box. After that, you will receive plagiarism-free, unique content in less than one minute.

The tool offers a simple way to create readable, unique, and accessible content. And your reader can understand paraphrased content just like the original.

This tool differs from the rest of the paraphrasing tools due to the use of artificial intelligence. As a result, this tool can cut your content into smaller chunks, just like a human writer would.

A fully automated AI-driven paraphrase feature is available in advanced mode. At one time, this tool is capable of paraphrasing about five hundred words. It is more accurate and faster than other paraphrase tools, making it the perfect tool for content marketers


2. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a website that offers a Paraphrasing tool online whose interface is convenient and easy to use. The textual content can be rewritten using the tool with ease.

If you enter your original text into this tool, the tool will produce the best-rewritten content without compromising the original text's context. Content is paraphrased by replacing words with unique synonyms so that it can be plagiarism-free.

Anyone can use Prepostseo, whether students, web admins, professionals, or freelancers. You can use this AI tool to create unique content from the original text, and this free online AI tool uses advanced algorithms and strategies to paraphrase the content. It also utilizes synonyms and phrase changes to make it unique.

It offers powerful paraphrasing features, such as the ability to upload a text file (text, PDF, or .doc/.docx) freely and get your paraphrased content in just a few seconds.

It is safe for SEO because it does not affect keyword structure, and you can copy and paste directly from the web. Other features of this tool include a plagiarism checker, word counter, and grammar checker.


3. DupliChecker

There is no doubt that Duplichecker's paraphrasing tool is another AI Tool online used by content marketers. A content writer's most important concerns are the timing of the content and the quality.

Students, teachers, freelancers, business people, affiliate marketers, and all other individuals can benefit from its services by minimizing all risks of plagiarism and grammatical errors.

This tool produces original and unique content. In addition to adding originality and diversity to your content, paraphrasing allows you to express existing concepts and ideas in a new way. It will not affect the natural flow of the whole content after paraphrasing.

Additionally, the DupliChecker integrated plagiarism detection, grammar, spelling, and paraphrasing tools are included in one package. This tool uses different servers and AI to paraphrase more than one piece of content at once.

Additionally, content marketers will find synonyms in its extensive word library, which will solve all your writing problems, combined with the grammar and spell checkers.


4. Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-based writing collaboration tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you by paraphrasing your content. The important features of this tool contain summaries and paraphrases, but millions of people use the paraphrasing tool to modify and enhance sentences, paragraphs, and articles.

Quillbot was originally a full-sentence thesaurus designed to help students and professionals write more quickly and confidently. It has, however, been used over the years for developing legal emails, writing a doctoral thesis, and paraphrasing documents.

The tool is available online for free to use, and you can get fast results without spending much time editing your work. The writer can choose from five paraphrase modes: standard, fluency, innovation, suggestion, and brief. All users can use the first three modes.

This application supports importing text from the clipboard and files in the .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, and .PDF format. This tool provides the best results for AI- paraphrasing service.


5. Grammarly

A grammar tool like Grammarly makes sure your words are correctly spelled and grammatically sound so that you can get more from each one. In addition, it provides you with many ways to refine your writing, including suggestions for replacing overused words and even pointing out instances of plagiarism.

Grammarly is one of the most incredible and powerful tools every content marketing agency should invest in. It hides typos and highlights waffling prose that does not flow.

With Grammarly, you get digital writing assistance that is highly effective thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence. If you're not very good at proofreading, this tool is heaven-sent. The grammar-checking features in Grammarly are similar to the rudimentary spell-checking in Microsoft Office.

It is a Chrome extension that has to be enabled to work. For basic proofreading, Grammarly has a free version that works well enough. A premium version is also available.


6. Spinner Chief

Paraphrasing tools like Spinner-chief help you create original, readable content by rewriting your original text. With a web tool like this, you can analyze natural language and AI to understand your content like a search engine. Furthermore, it utilizes statistical synonyms and natural language and part-of-speech analysis methods modeled after natural language. After doing this, you get a chance to produce human-like content.

You can use advanced features like auto-grammar check to rewrite phrases and sentences most effectively. A tool is also an evolving tool based on your use, as it polls a cloud thesaurus, which supports over 20 languages, to provide the most suitable synonyms.

With every adding word, paragraph, or sentence, the software becomes better at spinning words, paragraphs, or sentences. In addition, you can also create and edit content yourself to make it searchable and readable.

In addition, the Content-Bomb can be used to scrape and convert content into new content, batch spin for large amounts of information, export formats, quick preview, and developer API. The free and paid plans available with Spinner-chief 6 are both web-based. Using the free plan, you can create unique content quickly and spin basic content.



If you want to boost your literary proficiency creatively, you can use AI tools to help improve your writing skills and talent. Choose wisely among the many paraphrasing and plagiarism checkers, word counter, and grammar checkers available to you according to your needs.

The six best AI tools aids are compiled on the above list to help you and to find out all content marketers' solutions. After using these tools, your paper or article will be an outstanding piece of writing that is free of plagiarism and interesting to read.

Using AI to create content is a proven way to enhance existing content by effortlessly adding a layer of SEO optimization. Furthermore, they can be constantly updated and adjusted according to changing SEO rules with more speed and accuracy than a human being. In this way, AI-Tools are important for content marketers in 2021.


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