First-Hand Tips For Using LinkedIn Automation Tools To Generate Leads In 2021

If you’re a B2B marketer or a salesperson who is always on a hunt to find new leads, LinkedIn should have a special place in your marketing strategy. Over the years, LinkedIn has become the go-to platform to make meaningful connections, create strong business relationships and grow your brand. 

But why LinkedIn? 

No doubt there are other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but professionals are much more eager to have business conversations and expand their networks. And that’s the whole point of using this platform. This platform is solely for professional networking and generating new opportunities. It’s because LinkedIn has more than 740 million users right today and that means thousands of lead generation opportunities for you. 

Even with that in mind, generating leads on LinkedIn is not just a piece of cake. It requires in-depth thinking, a well-thought strategy, the best LinkedIn automation tools, and some handy tips from the industry leaders to win qualified leads. 

When it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn, knowing your audience is the most crucial step. You need to know who is your target audience, what they need, how you should reach out to them, and more. But how to do that?

This is where the latest LinkedIn automation tools jump in. With advanced LinkedIn automation tools, you can automate your repetitive tasks, find and engage with leads, reach out to them with personalized messages. 

But there’s always a proper way to do things, right? Here is how you can use LinkedIn automation tools the right way to fully leverage the potential of LinkedIn.

Awesome Tips to Use LinkedIn Automation Tools For Maximum Benefits

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The first impression is the last impression.

This goes very well when it comes to expanding your business networks. Before you even start running outreach campaigns with top LinkedIn tools, make sure your profile is worth connecting with. The worst you can do to your LinkedIn outreach campaign is reaching out to people with a bad profile.

Even though you used the right strategy and LinkedIn automation tools, you'll end up getting the lowest or almost zero acceptance and response rate. It’s because people don’t trust profiles with a low-quality profile picture or no information about who you’re. 

To make the most of LinkedIn, it’s an effective practice to start with polishing your profile. Add a professional profile and cover photo. Write an engaging headline and summary using the right keywords.
In this section, make sure you add the most relevant industry keywords as they’ll help your profile to show when people make relevant searches on LinkedIn. Give your prospects something to trust you when they visit your profile. An empty profile with no data will do more harm than good. 

Doing these basic things will provide a strong base for your LinkedIn outreach and increase your chances of finding and generating the right leads. 


2. Use a Tool That Runs on Cloud

When it comes to choosing the right LinkedIn tools, you get two options:

1. Chrome based LinkedIn automation tools that run from a standard browse and need constant monitoring

2. Cloud based LinkedIn automation tools that run from a cloud system and works at the back end. 


Both types are successful in the market, but we’d suggest you go for a cloud based tool as they are more reliable, safe, and have advanced features for successful prospecting. 

Both chrome extensions and cloud based tools have many common features but cloud based LinkedIn automation tools excel when it comes to safe prospecting. They provide dedicated IPs that keep your login details secure, thus your account remains safe and you can generate leads without any fear. 


3. Connect Carefully

Now that you have a top-notch profile and the right tools in your arsenal, it’s time to start connecting with people.

It may sound very easy but is very tricky. What people do is that they become over-enthusiastic and start sending too many connection requests per day. This makes LinkedIn suspicious of your activity that you might be using a bot or LinkedIn automation tool. This way, you can get your account restricted or blocked. 

To avoid this, use a tool that offers an ‘Auto Warm-Up” feature that helps you put a cap on daily LinkedIn connect requests sent. With such tools, you don’t need to worry about the number of connection requests or monitoring them, just set up the tool and it will do the rest. 


4. Run a Drip Campaign for Outreach

Don’t know what a drip campaign is? It’s a kind of marketing communication that involves a number of steps and time to gently convince your prospects to take a purchasing action instead of selling them directly. 

In other words, you run a drip to learn about the prospects’ behavior, their interests, purchasing patterns, and sell them solutions when they are just ready to buy them. 

Why a drip campaign is more effective for lead generation?


1. It helps you learn about customers’ behavior. 

2. It takes into consideration the interests of the users. 

3. It enables you to engage with your leads in a highly personalized manner.


5. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Everyone runs an outreach campaign but not all of your connections turn into leads but that doesn’t mean you give up.

When you run an outreach campaign, you can turn maybe 10% of your initial leads, that too if you’re very lucky and if you have used the right strategy and LinkedIn automation tools. 

However, if you’re not putting any effort into the rest of the leads, you’re making a big mistake. Not all of the leads turn at once. You’re missing a very important step here: you’re not sending them follow-ups. 

We are not saying to keep pressing someone when they have ignored you in the first attempt. You just need to try your luck at least 2nd and 3rd times because there are many cold leads that you can convey with your follow-ups. 

Don’t worry! You don’t need to add an extra thing into your busy schedule because there are the best LinkedIn automation tools that send triggering follow-ups when someone doesn’t respond in the first go. 


6. Analyze Campaign Statistics

You run a LinkedIn outreach campaign and it’s of no use if you don’t analyze stats and campaign metrics.

When you analyze the performance of a campaign, you can see where you’re lacking, and what steps you should take to improve the performance. This way, you can make better and well-informed decisions. 

The best LinkedIn automation tools provide a dashboard where you can get all the leads’ data in one place. This way, you can check and analyze all the data easily and make better decisions. 


LinkedIn automation tools are very rewarding, you only need to know how to use them properly. 

There are so many tasks that don’t require human assistance and they only waste your time. When you have access to LinkedIn automation tools, it’s quite unreasonable to do such tasks manually.

Choose a tool that best suits your business model and keep in mind the above-mentioned strategies for great outcomes. 


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