A Complete Guide To Build A Successful E-Commerce Mobile App

Running an e-commerce store and striving to secure an authoritative brand identity on the digital landscape is equally important as having a successful E-commerce Mobile App. As the digital world is flourishing, smart mobile apps have surpassed huge and lengthy websites.

According to the report 2016 of comScore, over 65% of the US smartphone users prefer mobile apps to websites.

Furthermore, as per the increasing usage and adoption of smart handheld devices- mobile phones, the incorporation of mobile apps in -ecommerce business is also seem to have notably increased in recent years. The study of Statista shows that in the year 2018 e-commerce sales via mobile apps will increase up to three times greater than what was calculated in 2013. It will probably reach to two hundred billion US dollars.

However, when the market is heated up with such a competitive flare, what you should do to position yourself in the e-commerce business? Simple! Get a professional assistance to build a successful e-commerce mobile app. A list of features is mentioned below to guide you about some significant aspects, which can ensure to generate potential outcomes. Read on!

UX Personalization

Personalization is the most imperative component of a robust mobile app. Similarly, to consider adopting potential approaches for personalization is equally important as well. With personalization, you can build a sustainable user experience, which can meet or exceed user's demand. Moreover, everything you do works well and according to your requirements, it is convenient along with being highly productive and profitable as well.

  1. Design for Personalization

When heading towards dipping your hands in design work you need to create a strategy having a detailed analysis of all the pros and cons of your design. Often marketers create such design and select layouts, which hinders the smooth functionality of an app. The smartphone's screens are not that large and so every feature is displayed in precise size. You should consider adding such features and options that can be displayed perfectly and effectively.

You can add seasonal offers, discounts, option to set up a personal profile to save items for future purchases or such innovations that can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

  1. Selection Of Right Menu Buttons

As per the layouts of your store, you should select the most suitable and appropriate menu buttons for your site. The two famous types are hamburger and breadcrumb behavior. These two categories make it easier for users and visitors to browse and navigate through in-tabs on your designed apps. Scrolling product list, checking the menu and other interesting options, along with coming back to the home page becomes much more convenient. Their features eliminate illogical jumps and clustering of lists and saving customers from being stuck on multiple pages. The use of breadcrumbs, in particular, help to reduce bounce rate. It engages customer for longer over the site.

  1. Keep The Layouts Uncluttered

When you go for making a responsive mobile website, you try to pick the most relevant content and choose layouts that can fit o every mobile screen. Similarly, with mobile apps thing become more challenging and precise. You have to offer neat and simple navigation along with keeping such themes and layouts that not only depicts a brand' identity but also encourages a smooth user experience. The entire shopping experience should be hassle-free and efficient. Display most relevant content and spark an innovative flare within the design that can entice users more effectively.

Filtering Options

While creating personalization on your mobile app you should add an option to filter searches. Options like sizes, color, range, category and material type can ensure a more competitive user experience. It will turn the entire shopping experience into a highly-efficient one. Without wasting any second, your target customers can enjoy their time in your app and will be encouraged for future purchases as well. The users can conveniently type their requirements and the app will pop up their desired category of items. From suggestions from tablets to smartphones, bags to clothing every category, which is present on your site, will become easily accessible. Moreover, adding user preferences and in-app history section will boost the productivity of your app too. Apart from these options, you should try experimenting some innovative ones as well.

Seamless Onboarding

The simplest and useful way to provide seamless onboarding to your target audiences is by lining the app with social media platforms. You need to streamline the onboarding process as smoothly as possible. The linking your profile, the users do not have to learn new passwords for signing in. It will save them from reinventing and memorizing their passwords. Moreover, make your every direction clear and easy-to-comprehend. Your customers should know your brand's philosophy and the basic procedures like payment methods and shipments processes.

Push Notifications

Push notification is a helpful technique for generating more sales and revenues. With the help of push notification, you can notify customers about the latest stock, new arrivals, discounts and interesting offers. The notification features should come with a permission. To prevent it from becoming annoying for your users, they should provide you approval for its access. Ask them whether they want to be notified or not. Even if they allow you, do not add irrelevant notifications. Moreover, with the push notification features, you can add the timer or a clock to tell them about the days left in the delivery of their order. It will be more like a little tracker. It can add credibility and authenticity in your work. Keeping your customers updated about their product deliveries will help you gain more customer satisfaction and eventually more leads.

Feedback Mechanism

To win the heart of your customers you must add a feedback section on your mobile app. The section will give them an impression that they valued and their reviews will be catered in an utmost professional manner. Moreover, to receive feedback is equally important to giving responses or answering their issues. You must know how to respond them back in a way that appeals and satisfies them. Update your users about the changes and updates you bring as per their issues. The customers will appreciate your openness to their reviews. The feedback mechanism will strengthen your bond with your target audiences and will add credibility to your store.

Ease of Use

A kind of restlessness is observed in customer’s behavior along with a shorter attention span. People want to be served quickly and with something good. This throws light over the fact that your app should have a clear and efficient search mechanism having relevant keywords, categories, and buttons. Your mobile app development should be free from clusters, confusing patterns, complicated interface and confusing product listings. Work to improvise your app for providing pain-free shopping experiences without any obstacles. Even the most loyal clients can delete your app and go for picking your rivals if it shows constant bugs and errors.  

Today thousands of e-commerce apps are being created but little known of the fact that only the personalized ones are enjoying the center stage. Therefore, keep things precise, simple and relevant when planning to build an app. Moreover, implement highly strategic approaches to generate potential outcomes.

Author Bio:

Carrie Burson is an experienced professional working at ios application development company in UK. She is fond of writing and sharing her knowledge in blogs with her followers. Having a curate of knowledge and an eye for creativity, she presents each topic with an innovative flare.

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