Cloud computing - Services and solutions

With the growing popularity of cloud computing, a series of cloud-based services and solutions have emerged on the horizons of the business world. These services are available online using the “cloud” as it is called. Cloud computing basically refers to computing performed on a network of software and services that run online and not on a local device. These software solutions are accessible from any device and are not hosted on a local or networked machine rather they are running on a distributed network using cloud computing. The end result is efficiency and scalability. As quoted by Steve Jobs, Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman, Apple Inc.

 I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.”

The business or enterprise employing cloud computing is no longer dependent on their physical data servers or their limited storage or network capability. On the other hand, now they have access to infinite data warehouses and network streaming using online cloud resources. There are many benefits to such a shift as it not only increases data accessibility but allows for faster and smoother experiences on the client-side as the data and services are not located in one physical place rather they are distributed across the cloud and are easily accessible from all over the world. 

Here we have put together a list of cloud-based services that could be of use to businesses and companies.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)  - This service provides the computing resources required by a company through cloud-based means. These can be memory, storage, or even software development platforms depending upon the company’s requirement. This is an alternative for companies that do not have space or resources to expand their work. Their reliance on IaaS helps them to manage their workload remotely instead of using an on-premises data center. This way they can focus on their business activities without worrying about investing in a high technical physical setup. This is done so without any compromise on the efficiency and quality of computing resources. 



Backup and storage services – This is another service that is very popular and feasible for enterprises as well as small vendors. Instead of maintaining their data logging and backup at the physical site, data is regularly stored and backed – up at the remote location. This is also known as Backup as a service (BaaS). Often file sharing and collaboration tools with mobile access are also part of the Backup and storage services available on the cloud. These services are usually provided by an online backup service provider which is responsible for backup as well as recovery and also for maintaining the reliability and security of data for the clients.  One Drive and Google Drive are the best examples of BaaS services.

"Cloud computing is often far more secure than traditional computing because companies like Google and Amazon can attract and retain cyber-security personnel

of a higher quality than many governmental agencies." - Vivek Kundra, former federal CIO of the United States


Cloud-based store or SaaS - These can have products as well as services. Many companies are moving their business to online stores and rely on cloud computing to find solutions for creating and managing online stores. These can have brochures, online products, and services that the client can view and purchase online. Many software solutions are also developing their software solutions used cloud computing to enhance performance and reach newer markets. For example, many ad hoc reporting solutions like dotnet report builder have developed their software using cloud-based computing.

Cloud-based connectivity – This refers to developing a connection between two public networks or connecting a private network to a public network. Many enterprises are now shifting their data and workload from physical location to the cloud. When making this shift they need to use different cloud connectivity strategies to find out what works best for them and how they can maximize their productivity while making this shift to cloud computing.


Conference suite

This is a cloud-based platform for performing virtual conferences with an audio and video conferencing facility. This has become very popular recently in the covid situation where cloud-based applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have come forward as the convenient way to collaborate and hold conferences and online meetings with multiple features and across the whole world. It also has options to record and maintain meeting recordings online for easy access from anywhere. This also reduces the cost of commute and travel and eases the restriction of being physically present in any place at any time. 


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