Big Sur Is Coming: Top 6 Facts about the New macOS Update

The time has come, and it is finally here. Apple’s new Big Sur operating system is set to release, leaving many fans tickled to get their hands on it finally. Promised in the update are a more modern and cleaner look, upgraded features, and evolved apps. However, many users experienced problems with the upload and were disenchanted with the outcome after the upgrade. So, Big Sur is coming, but is it worth the download? Here are some facts to consider about the new macOS system.  

A New Look  

The first thing that you’ll notice when you download the new OS is the updated look. Everything takes on a bubblier appearance, with rounded corners that pair with the bright colors beautifully. This is the first change you will notice, getting a breath of fresh air for your new updated macOS 


Control Center 

It almost seems like designers were aiming to make the devices look appear more like an iPad. The control center looks a lot like that in the iPhone and iPad, popping up when you tap it. From there, you will find access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and adjustments of settings like backlighting and flashlight.  


Say Hello to Widgets  

Once again, mimicking the iPad display, the Big Sur OS comes with upgraded widgets. You can find them all in the notification center found in the top right corner of your device. When you click it, you’ll see all of the widgets, plus you’ll find options to move and remove the ones you don’t need or use.  


New and Improved Safari  

Apple was proud to boast about the upgrade to Safari, claiming that it is possible to get speeds faster than Google’s Chrome browser. This means that all of your preferred sites are faster than ever, including streaming sites like Netflix. All pages can translate immediately and come with an enhanced background that is aesthetically pleasing and useful. You’ll find suggestions and privacy reports so that you can partake in safer and more conscious surfing. 


The Evolution of Maps  

Among the crowd’s favorite is the upgrade to Maps, now coming with more accurate location options than ever. Apple has integrated its ‘Look Around’ feature to keep in line with the competitors at Google. There are super-accurate street views and cycling navigation through many major cities.  


It’s Not Perfect 

Perhaps the most frequent idea that comes with the new update is that it is nowhere near perfect. There have been many issues with the download and the installation of the software, sending many anxious users back to Apple’s Catalina or MacOS 10. While many users had success in download and had no problem scoring the software upgrade, others got stuck on the ‘installation stuck’ message. Though Big Sur is not perfect, Apple has always been going great at taking care of customers. So, they are sure to have everything worked out, up and running to make a big comeback.  


To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade  

 After taking a look at the facts, we have one question left to answer, and that is, to upgrade or not? Many Apple users are used to the fast-paced upgrades, with Apple always trying to improve all of their devices. But this one seems a bit too rushed. If you choose to upgrade and are not impressed, don’t forget that you always have the option to go back where you came from. You can downgrade your system back to Catalina, waiting for the day when Big Sur makes its big comeback. Big Sur is coming but might not cause the huge splash everyone was expecting. The best thing to do is to download and find out for yourself.  


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