Best Workforce Software for Construction

With every passing second, digital evolution is transforming the world, making it smarter and faster. Like every other field, the construction industry is also relishing the benefits of evolving technology. 

Emerging technology has made it much easier for contractors to manage their work and the workforce. So, why waste time and energy with outdated workforce management tools when you can do it more efficiently with digital assistance?

For years, construction companies have been using manual workforce management tools but they are not that effective and have a lot of complications. 

According to the KPMG survey, technological innovation played a role in the vision of about 72% of engineers and construction executives. So, for systematic scheduling and coordination of the workforce, the construction industry needs a technology-based answer to their woes. Current tech practices have the perfect solution for the construction industry in the form of Workforce Management Software.

It is one of the best ways to effectively manage your employees and keep them coordinated. Numerous workforce management software is available today that assist construction companies on their way to success. Read the article till the end if you want to learn about workforce management software and the best workforce management software you can use for your construction workforce.


What is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management software is a collection of tools that construction companies use for better scheduling their projects and coordinating their employees. It manages the construction workforce and improves the productivity of a construction company.


Best Workforce Management Software for Construction

You can find a wide variety of workforce management software on the internet, but choosing the best one could be rather difficult. For your convenience, we have collected four of the best workforce management software that can help your company manage its construction workforce better.


  1. Bridgit Solutions

Bridgit Solutions is a cloud-based workforce management software. It provides you with visualization tools that help in the creation of effective plans for better management of your workforce. It is also a resource management tool that can help you build a dedicated team and improve capacity planning for better productivity. 

While there are some project managers and site superintendents that choose to use other software for these purposes, this comparison guide clearly lays out the benefits of using Bridgit Solutions. 

It makes it easy for contractors to create a balanced workload by providing a deeper insight into workforce allocation while also keeping an eye on utilization rates.

You can manage your team and improve the efficiency of the work with the workforce management software from Bridgit solutions. Inspection management allows you to utilize your time and money in a better way to achieve your goals. You can build reports conveniently with this software to keep a close eye on the project.

Expandable projects Gantt, allocation suggestions, forecasting, and allocating dashboard manage your construction workforce and improves productivity. Bridgit solutions is a "manpower control center" that allows the contractors to keep their meetings effective and productive.



  •  Better visualization tools create effective plans.

  •  Resource management helps to manage the workforce.

  •  Inspection management allows for better use of time and money.

  •  Keeps the manpower meetings productive and efficient.\



  •   Hourly allocation for tracking workers allocation is missing.


  1.  Hubstaff

It is one of the best software that offers various workforce management tools. It has a time tracking tool that allows you to be time-efficient. Hubstaff offers a timesheet app for keeping a record of the time spent on each project. The tool keeps everyone focused and thus improves the productivity of your team.

The employee monitoring tool allows you to keep an eye on the team with the help of screenshots as it tracks the activity level. This software enables you to realize maximum profit and provide you with information about the most profitable project. It also maintains a log of your expenses and sets weekly budgets for your team.

An online invoicing tool that can track billable timing and generate invoices for payments is also available. GPS tracking tracks your team’s activity on the road. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage your team’s attendance, activity, and payments. Another feature that makes it better than other software is its affordable plans. The premium plan of Hubstaff is also less costly than the basic ones of some other software.



  • Time tracking tool for managing working duration.

  •  Provides you with information about profitable projects.

  •  Manages your budget and tracks your expenses.

  •  Affordable basic and premium plans.



  • Provides basic reports only.

  • Does not support the administration. 


  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor provides you with the best productivity monitoring features. It provides you screenshots along with basic time tracking for efficiently tracking the activity of your team. Clients feature allows your client to view screenshots and reports without any cost. This feature also restricts clients on the work you have done for them. They will not be able to see your company's work that is marked inaccessible.

Daily and weekly reports enable you to identify the strengths and weaknesses for improving the performance of your team. Web usage features allow you to track the activity of your workers on specific websites. 

Time use alert keeps your employees on track and alert when they use non-productive sites for long. Time Doctor can also sync up with various project management and accounting tools. It can be used on all devices, including Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows, and Chrome apps.



  •   Allows you to track your employees’ activity.

  •    Enables clients to view the work you are doing for them.

  •    Provides productivity reports.



  •    Does not offer scheduling, benefits administration, and payroll


  1. Paychex

It is the most comprehensive workforce management software with all the workforce management tools you may need. It can be used for construction companies of all sizes. The human resource feature allows you to manage your construction workforce and keeps the team on track while working.

Timekeeping technology keeps track of the attendance of your employees and boosts their productivity. It provides you with the services of a dedicated payroll specialist for quick payroll. 

It also helps you with hiring new employees and onboarding them for effective work. Paychex also offers tools for building reports intended to improve performance. Though it is a little expensive, it offers all tools you need for efficient workforce management.



  • Manages your workforce and boosts its efficiency.

  • Reporting tool provides extensive reports.

  • Offers health plans and retirement for retaining the skills of the employees.



  • Too expensive, especially for smaller operations.


Final Verdict

Are you still going to waste your time with whiteboards and spreadsheets for your construction workforce management like in the 1990s? If not, then get help from any of the workforce management software mentioned above to make your work easy and effective. 



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