Best Tools and Software for Amazon Sellers

The internet world has opened up a lot of business opportunities that were unheard of several decades ago.  Opening a physical shop to sell your products is not a must as you use the online space. A lot of scams and fake sellers have rocked over the internet space, and that is why buyers use reputable sites like Amazon.

Sellers benefit from the exposure they get from such platforms. However, you must know how to package and market your products to stand out from the rest of the sellers on such online platforms. Placing products and optimizing them on a platform such as Amazon is not that easy unless you have different tools. Let us explore the tools you need as a seller on Amazon.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a complete package of all the things you need to stay ahead of the competition. Some of the features you will find through Helium 10 review include:

  • Xray. A product research tool that analyzes the potential of the chosen market
  • Trendster. It is the tool you use when you want to measure the popularity of a certain product
  • Black box. You can find and discover new products to sell
  • Inventory levels. It is the tool to track your stock
  • Review downloader. You can filter through reviews from customers when you are looking for insights
  • Magnet. It is the tool that aggregates all your keyword research efforts
  • Profitability calculator. You can make your costing and pricing decisions using this tool
  • Scribbles. Helps you optimize your product listing
  • Inventory protector. Manage your inventory
  • Alerts. It will alert against cybercrime and fraud
  • Profits. You can access your sales dashboard through this panel
  • Cerebro. You can check your competitor’s keyword strategy
  • Follow-up. You can manage your emails and feedback
  • Refund genie. You can track lost and damaged products and submit them to Amazon for refund
  • Keyword tracker. Allows you to track the rank of keywords you use


Amazon hosts more than 12 million products on its online market. These products are spread across various niches and industries. SEO plays a major role in making products discoverable on the platform. Selecting the right keywords for your product will make it easy for people to find them. You need to discover the keywords that people are looking for online and then use them in your product descriptions. Ranking high on Amazon makes it easier to get customers when you are a new seller. You can also have several variations of your keywords to make your products more discoverable.

Price blink

Pricing your products competitively is the first step towards winning the hearts of potential customers. Pricing has always been an issue for new sellers, and you can thus use some help. Low pricing means that you will get low margins while high prices may scare away potential customers. This ad-on shows the pricing of similar products by different vendors across Amazon and other platforms. You can then base your pricing on factors such as delivery platforms and shipping rates. It also comes in handy if you need to source for supplies for your shop. You can always compare prices from different vendors and lower your production costs.

Jungle Scout

This tool has over 200,000 users who sell varying products on Amazon. It comes with a database of products where you can filter based on category, estimated sales, rank, and completion level. You can thus learn about the best-performing products and areas that you can capitalize on. The tool also comes with a product tracker where you can manage and track inventory levels, sales, and ranks on the platform. Take advantage of the special database when you can find suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of various products that you can stock.

Feedback Express

Potential buyers rely on feedback and reviews from previous buyers when making online purchases. You can learn the areas that need improvement and how the buyers perceive your products through reviews and customer feedback. However, there are one-time buyers and other customers who will never care to leave you a review. This tool sends automatic feedback requests to buyers to help you build your reputation on the platform. You can control when feedback requests are sent by setting time of the day. You can also filter the request based on factors such as fulfillment and buyer location.


It is the tool that collects useful data to help you make better decisions. It comes with a sophisticated reporting tool that will help you analyze your sales, projections, and inventory. The customizable keyboard features key performance indicators such as profit margins, restocking alerts, and sales statistics. The customer and transactional databases are all you need to analyze and learn customer’s behavior. You can use the profit calculator to break down things such as Amazon fees, sales tax, and advertising costs so that you can price your products competitively. You can as well use the keyword research feature on this tool to determine the search queries that potential buyers are using on search engines.

River Cleaner

It is a tool that helps sellers optimize their product listings. There is an audit tool that highlights all the potential problems such as product title, keywords, bullet points, and images. The keyword optimization tool will identify all the keywords on the listing but are not indexed by Google and other search engines. You can also track your ranks based on the country. You can also check for potential violations or trademark infringement and avoid future claims on your account. Other features that you get on this tool include a landing page builder, a sales dashboard, hijacker alerts such as data theft, and email designer.

Placing your products, getting customers, managing sales, and your inventory does not have to be hard when you use the above tools. Getting a tool that will perform multiple roles will save you time and money and optimize your sales and profits. Invest in your products because quality will always be the best selling point.

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