Best Education Software in 2020

Education is a complex term that can be explained in different ways. You are aware of almost everything due to the Internet. In addition to that, your learning process is also affected by it, that is why your teacher should also be aware of the new technologies in order to reach you easily. The Internet can become your academic saver. For example, if you have a hard time to complete your essay, or you do not know what to write in your paper, you can get online help. By searching specific words like complete my coursework for me, you can come across different websites. There are so many online essay and paper writing services, such as, that can help you to get you the essay or paper that you need. In order to find the best service for your essay or paper, you should check essay reviews. For example, if you decide to use SpeedyPaper, you can first read some speedypaper reviews. You may apply the same principle to any writing agency but first, check the writing service reviews

As the software can help you in various ways, you can also join classes through specific software such as Google Classroom, Edx, Coursera, and FutureLearn. Due to new methods, the learning process becomes easier for the student and the teacher. 


It is a platform that involves thousands of different online courses provided by different colleges. It is started as a small project by Harvard, and it has been growing since then. Through its easy design, you can enroll any class you want with just one click. Most of the lessons have videos, weekly assignments, active forums, and one-to-one question and answer sessions with your instructor. In order to get a printed certificate, you need to pay a specific amount of money between 19$ and 99$. 

There are also other options to get the certificate. You can apply for financial aid, which Edx generally covers up to 90%. In this way, you can get it at a much lower price. While you are applying to financial aid, there are a couple of questions that you need to answer such as why do you need that specific course, what your motivation about the course is, and your family’s income. By answering them you can get the financial aid that you need. It is not compulsory to pay a specific amount of money to enroll in a course because the learning process is totally free. You can find almost any subject in Edx, for example, Social studies and humanities, IT programs, even micro and online master programs are available. In 2020, you can improve yourself by just sitting in front of your computer or tablet via Edx and other online learning websites with their professional teachers or instructors.


Google Coursera, Türkçe altyazılı derslere başladı

Regarding Edx, Coursera can be an alternative to online courses. Coursera also offers courses from different fields, from social studies to scientific programs. Most of the lessons have videos, weekly assignments, slides, articles, and student forums which create space for discussions of any specific thing related to the lesson. It uses an easy but effective software which is user-friendly. One of the most important features of Coursera is that you can read and do your articles and assignments, and join online courses with a chatroom in which you can talk with your instructor. Similar to Edx, Coursera offers financial aid, but unlike Edx it can give you a premium certificate completely free if you complete the financial aid application form. There are several questions in the form that you need to answer such as how does that specified course can help you in your profession and professional career, how much can you afford the money, your motivation about the specified course, and your family’s income. 


It also has a user-friendly design and usage, with courses and lessons from different fields of study. By creating a profile, you can enroll in any class that you want from humanities to science. Unfortunately, FutureLearn doesn’t have financial aid like Edx and Coursera. On the other hand, it offers you specific free courses from time to time, and you can try the one you want. 

Google Classroom

You can create an online classroom as a teacher or join the created class as a student. Most of the teachers use this software to give assignments, papers and essays, homework, and collaborative lessons. As a student, you can enjoy using Google Classroom, you can learn your upcoming assignments, read the articles sent by your teacher, and talk with your classmates through the software. It has a simple software for teachers, they can distribute the classes with one click and send feedback to their students. 


It is a cloud-based software that makes everything easier to share between teachers and students. It has its own learning management system (LMS), so the users can learn and discover new things just by using it. As a teacher, you can share your assignments with your students, send homework, and educational videos.

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