Best Clever Apps To Make Your Business Easy

Business apps? Sounds funny? Business apps are used in the business community widely. They improve your business and time, improve your business productivity, help to ease the complex tasks, and many more benefits.

Technology has made business easier than ever before. Now it is in your hand to turn your mobile or tablet into accounting machines by downloading some useful apps that will save you time or increase your business production.

Business apps are used throughout the world. In this article, we are going to explain some useful business apps that will be beneficial for your business. Here is (Evernote Reviews on US-Reviews)

QuickBooks Mobile

QuickBooks mobile is an online mobile app that has very good reviews and comments, like the life-changing app. You can manage your online accounting even if you travel abroad.

Small business employers and owners and even a layperson who handles the finance and accounting can use this and undoubtedly will say that this app is invaluable.

QuickBooks app is used to create invoices, sales receipt, customers and estimation. As you change the data, it will be immediately available on the app. Now you do not need to open your laptop or desktop to see your data. It is efficient.


FreshBooks is another excellent business app that will boost your business productivity. If you want to run a small business, then this app makes your finance or accounting easy.

Sounds good. FreshBooks is known as cloud accounting. The app makes it quick and easy to make the expense report and track time. Also, it creates invoices electronically.

This app also has an excellent online accounting programme and the plan with this app is designed to work well with the few customers for the business, and send a lot of invoices every month.

Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers

Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers is an awesome app. At first glance, Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers app looks for small business and also it is for small business.

Through Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers app, a seller can check quotes and also can send them. If you use Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers app, it will be worthy for your business.

You can also check expenses reports, purchase orders and sales forecast as well with the Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers.


Shoeboxed makes managing receipts very easy and quick. It is an excellent app that stores all data and receipts in one place. The app makes it available all the data you have stored in it in the time of need or whenever you needed.

How to use it? It is very simple to use. You just take a picture of the receipt and store it into the Shoeboxed app and organize it into the store. It will be available every time.

Besides, you can use this app for contact savings, just take a picture of any your business card and store it into your account. Save for all time, no need to save your business cards in different places.


The square app is another excellent business app that facilitates your work. It is the best app for mobile credit card and transaction to see the full information regarding your account.

This app gives you a free credit card reader, and transactions are credited to your account within a few days. Now you do not need to create other merchant and business accounts.

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