The Benefits of Technical Documentation for Multiple Aspects of Business

Technical documentation can be an incredibly tedious task for any development project but not doing it is simply not an option. Those who choose to ignore documentation may be setting themselves up for major problems or even outright failure in the future.

The benefits of technical documentation software include a number of factors in several areas. First, it's important to understand why documentation is so important.


Value to End-User

Technical documentation provides valuable information and services to end-users in the form of a FAQ and troubleshooting section.

The end-user of a product often know little about the technical aspects of the system they are working on. They just want to employ the system to get their jobs done with a minimum of hassles and coping with side issues. Documentation helps them quickly solve a problem if they get stymied by a bug or glitch.


Getting New Employees Up to Speed Fast

Another benefit is to have solid documentation in the event a company loses one of its long-term programmers. Bringing a new employee up to date with the system becomes an almost impossible task without proper documentation.

Documentation allows programmers and others to quickly understand key aspects of the software without having to dismantle it. The result is avoiding an agonizing loss of productivity. This difference this can make over time is magnified for each time a worker falls back on documentation to avoid a “side trip” just to figure something out.


Training Made Easy or Unnecessary

Employees will also make frequent use of technical documentation if step-by-step walkthroughs and guiding material are provided. Training new employees are streamlined and far more effective when good documentation is available. Furthermore, a thorough and complete set of documentation can even make expensive and time-consuming training unnecessary. Well-written documentation should employ a how-to-guide for key processes, equipment, and functions.


Improvement In sales

Even sales can be improved by having good technical documentation on hand. That’s because company sales reps can easily access product information quickly as they answer questions for clients.

Furthermore, a number of studies have shown than good technical documentation can improve sales for a company by 40% to 50%. One company reports its technical documentation directly increased sales by 70%. The reasons for this are many. Some of them include:

• It allows customers access to information at any time without having to rely on a technical support team.

• Reduces the workload of the support team.

• It makes customers feel more comfortable about the product.

• Helps the customer set up product faster and get more out of it. This, in turn, results in more positive reviews and higher ratings – leading to more sales.


Technical Document Software Helps Make it Easy

In the past, creating volumes of technical documentation involved an enormous amount of drudge work. This was especially true if the person handling the task was recreating the wheel, so to speak. That’s where the benefits of writing tools in the form of software that helps write the documentation makes a significant difference.

One of the most common ways to create technical documentation is to use markdown. This allows for the use of hyperlinks and special formatting while staying with plain text as the primary writing mode. If a document is prepared that is rich in keywords it will bolster the SEO and drive more traffic to the company’s website.

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