Is AVG Secure VPN Any Good?

AVG Secure VPN launched as AVG’s response to the lowered demand for its anti-virus software such as its flagship AVG anti-virus security products. AVG offered a great anti-virus software solution for free in the early days of the internet.

Like other VPN providers, AVG Secure VPN aims to protect the privacy and security of its clients. However, review websites such as vpnAlert have pointed out both the pros and cons of AVG’s VPN services. This article will also provide an overview of AVG Secure VPN’s services, and how well those services perform.


Features of AVG Secure VPN


AVG Secure VPN is not a simplistic VPN provider. It offers a plethora of features, with some features offering much more benefits than others. Each of these features will be covered below.


Security and Encryption


Security is the number one concern of any VPN user, a VPN's main value. AVG Secure VPN uses the standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the highest standard currently available to users. The VPN’s protection of public Wi-Fi connections was strong overall, protecting users and VPN testers from potential hacks and malware. Its DNS leak tests passed with flying colors.

There were some security concerns with this service, however. There is no internet kill switch with AVG Secure VPN, meaning that any dropped VPN occurrences could expose a user’s real IP address—a serious flaw in any VPN service. Lastly, its OpenVPN protocol leaves the user with no choice but to use a different protocol in its settings.


Netflix Unreachable in Majority of Locations


Out-maneuvering geo-blocking measures is a key advantage of using VPNs. Accessing VPNs such as AVG Secure VPN provides users with the means to consume online content in other countries. One of the most popular activities of VPN users is to connect to a US server to access and watch Netflix.

AVG Secure VPN has servers that can access Netflix, but over half of their US servers are unable to. Other VPN providers use dedicated Netflix servers to satisfy their users’ streaming needs, but AVG has not invested in this feature.


Low Amount of P2P and Torrenting Support


Using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) services to torrent files is another major use of VPNs. While AVG Secure VPN does not put bandwidth restrictions on its servers, it does not offer too many servers that provide dedicated torrenting support. Those who desire very fast upload times during the P2P sessions may be disappointed with AVG Secure VPN.


User-Friendly App


AVG Secure VPN runs very smoothly as a smartphone app. Whether on iOS devices or Android devices, its interface and control panel were intuitive and very user-friendly.

The AVG Secure VPN app automatically selects the server that is providing the best connection speeds, with the chosen server varying as the user’s location changes. The only downside is that this VPN does not offer many features in its app version.


AVG Secure VPN Pricing


While AVG anti-virus was free in the past, AVG’s VPN solution is squarely within the premium price range when compared to other VPNs. All of its features are offered to interested customers, no matter which subscription package they pick. There are only annual plans offered, unlike other VPN providers that typically include monthly, quarterly and six-month options.

If the customer selects a two-year or three-year subscription plan, then they are offered a discount on the total price. The customer can also try out a 30-day free trial, with the purchase coming with a money-back guarantee within 30 days.


Customer Support


AVG Secure VPN’s customer support is seriously inadequate. A huge negative with the VPN service is that there is no live chat support available.

The AVG website has not been updated with a support section for its VPN service, and a user must reach out for help with the VPN through the website’s support request form. Only those users who have a paid AVG VPN subscription will be directed to an actual person.

The support section does have some limited FAQs for the AVG VPN apps, offering setup assistance, troubleshooting information and links to AVG’s community forum.


Czech Republic Headquarters


VPNAlert mentions a key benefit of using AVG Secure VPN: it is not under the jurisdiction of the “14-Eyes”. The 14-Eyes is a collaboration with the US, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and mainland Europe, and its goal is to monitor and tracking all internet data within its domain. Any VPN within the jurisdiction of the 14-Eyes cannot escape from having its users’ data and online activities exposed to government agencies.

Fortunately, AVG Secure VPN is headquartered in the Czech Republic, away from the gaze of the 14-Eyes. This means that AVG’s management team has the legal and political right to not cooperate with any potential governmental request for data about any of its VPN users.

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