The Perspective and Strategy Shift You Must Make to Hire in a Crisis


When a crisis happens, it touches everyone’s lives. It doesn’t matter what kind of public crisis it is, people from all social circles have to adjust their habits. This is especially true for companies and small businesses. The economy can be rather ruthless and if a company wants to survive a crisis, it has to adapt and change certain things. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have to lay off people in order to save money and weather the storm.


This is what happens in any public crisis, whether it’s caused by a natural disaster, war, or economic recession. Unfortunately, the case is the same when it comes to our current public crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


A lot of companies, regardless of the line of work they are in, are struggling at the moment. This forced CEOs, CFOs, and managers to change the way they do things regarding the big picture and day-to-day operations. That includes the hiring process, too.


It might seem odd that some companies are hiring people amid this coronavirus crisis, but the truth is that there are certain businesses that are thriving in this trying time. For some companies, this crisis represents an opportunity to sell their product or offer their service. If your company is one of the lucky ones, you have to be aware that the game has changed when it comes to hiring.


You have to change your mindset and your strategies when hiring people today.  Here's what we have to do


Developing New Perspectives


Evaluate Where You Stand

One of the most important things you have to do when a crisis occurs is to evaluate where your company stands. In other words, you have to assess the damage. This will provide you with crucial information like:


  • How much money you have lost

  • How many customers you have lost

  • Which departments have to be shut down

  • How many people you have to lay off

  • How many people you have to hire


Hiring new workers amid a public crisis can be rather complicated and confusing. However, if you evaluate your position properly and assess the damage, you will be able to better prepare yourself for the hiring process. The experts from HR Assured claim that good HR representatives are crucial in this endeavor. They can make this process quick and painless. What’s more important, they will help you find the best possible workers for your company.


Rework How You Rate Skillsets


As a business owner and an entrepreneur, you should stay true to the way you do things. However, in a time of public crisis, certain rules have to be changed. Therefore, you must stay open-minded and try to adapt. This is especially important when it comes to hiring new workers.


In a time like this, when most offices are closed, an employer should consider other skill sets and qualities when interviewing a potential employee. First and foremost, they should consider a candidate’s ability to work from home. Unfortunately, coronavirus does not allow employees to work from the office, therefore most of them have to work remotely. However, not every candidate has the necessary skills and conditions to work from home. This is something that should be assessed during job interviews in 2020.


Developing New Strategies 

Find A Way To Evaluate Candidates Who Come From Different Environments

If this COVID-19 crisis taught us anything, it’s that people from all kinds of industries have lost their jobs and hat to find a new one. In other words, certain businesses and companies have not been able to survive and a lot of employees had to find a job in a different profession. This basically means that, if you are hiring at the moment, you will definitely interview a lot of potential employees who haven’t worked a day in your niche.

Logically, you should first consider people who have a lot of experience working in your industry. However, people from other niches can bring something valuable to the table. This is survival of the fittest and every help and insight can be used. Therefore, don’t close your door to people who are not necessarily from your line of work. Find a way to evaluate their skills and see if they can contribute to your company in some capacity. There are many talented people out there and if changing your approach can help you utilize their talents and make money, by all means, you should do it.


Take Advantage Of The Buyer’s Market

Due to the economic recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of qualified workers are roaming the job market in search of a new challenge. You, as an employer, should use this opportunity to “steal” talented workers who, in a different situation, wouldn’t be out of a job. This can benefit your company greatly and it can help you to survive this.


Retaining And Retraining

This is a trying time for everyone, managers, and employees. Therefore, you, as a superior, should try your best to keep your employees happy and encourage them to stay in your company. In order to do this, you have to take care of two things:

  • Assess the mental health of your employees

  • Help them acquire new skills

Working in these stressful conditions can take a toll on workers, therefore, you have to do everything in your power to assess their mental health and help them get through this period. Creating a friendly and stress-free environment in the office is one way you can help your employees. Achieving this is not simple and that’s why you must have quality HR representatives in your company.

As we previously said, this virus has forced people to work from home. Not everyone has the necessary skills to work remotely. Invest time and money into retraining your workers and after a few months, you will reap the benefits of this training.



It’s safe to say that this crisis has caught every company unprepared. A lot of them went bankrupt and most of them are struggling to survive. If you are one of the lucky ones who are able to make a profit, you must try your best to change and adapt. This is the only way you will be able to hire the right people and stay profitable.





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