8 Helpful Tips In Monitoring Computer Use In The Workplace

Monitoring computer activities in the workplace is the right of every employer. This is something related to the assurance of optimal productivity of employees and other staff. It is to be assumed that any content and file in any company-owned gadgets and apps can be reviewed by the employer or any assigned personnel just for this task. To assure that this will go well, here are 8 helpful tips to help you out.

Make a Written Policy

A written corporate policy in computer monitoring used in the workplace is important so there is a black and white reference of what it is exactly. It should be made in accordance with the law provisions and with the company's own needs and requirements. In drafting policies like this, you must employ a thorough reading of the law and allowable modifications to make it beneficial for everyone. This is what's going to be your protection should you face legal challenges later. In formulating the policy, remember that it shouldn't be one-sided, discounting the expectations and voices of employees because that can cultivate a negative culture within the company. It is important that it should be balanced and fair to all parties involved. 

Clarify Limitations and Coverage

The policy should be well structured and with clear cut definitions of the policy title, coverage, and other terms. Since computer monitoring is the policy, you should be able to set out the limitations and coverage that will clearly define the boundaries. For example, since company computers are monitored, it would become a source of confusion for some if their private accounts opened on this device will be subjected to the monitoring too. This could present a problem since it can stifle an employee and limit what they can do. Tell them what they can and cannot do at work and make sure that they still feel a degree of privacy. 

Make the Policy Known to the Employees

Make a clear announcement of your policies as much as possible and obtain their consent through signatures. This way, you are all on the same page and the message is sure to reach the ears of the relevant employees. Transparency is always important in any company because it assures employees of trust and understanding. This has legal binding because they have chosen to be employed under such policies and it would demand responsibility and compliance from them. New employees can be given a copy of this policy upon orientation to the company. If this policy is newly created, set a meeting with everyone to formally introduce it to everybody. 

Providing Some Guidelines

Guidelines are different from policies because they are a set of recommendations and general interpretations of the said policy. They are easier to understand because the statements used are non-formal. The guidelines can be in the form of infographics and pamphlets which contain how it is done and how it can be beneficial to the company and employees. It can provide a clearer perspective of what the policy is about. Plus, making a competent and capable manager handle this can implement this policy well to ensure that everything checks out and is well balanced. 

Using a Software for Monitoring

Using computer monitoring software can do more than just track your employee schedules and productivity. It can also ensure that they are given the right circumstances to achieve high-quality performance and deliver results every working day. Aside from providing vital information regarding their internet usage and browser history, the software can improve the performance of the computer system itself by providing protection against malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. These added features are similar to the breakdown of some technology enthusiasts on their review of the newest version of CleanMyMac which enumerates other perks which includes maintenance of the system and optimizing storage. It is not limited in a single task but can offer other tools for managing your operation, cleaning up your system, and protecting and backing up your data. Best of all, it is safe to use for all your work computers. 

Enumerate the Benefits

Get everyone on board by telling them about the benefits of this system in the company while asserting your rights to do so. Once employees are able to see the positive impacts it has, they are more likely to welcome the idea and stick to its provisions. These can be done by giving out presentations about related studies which showcases how productivity can increase due to limited use of non-work related activities during office hours. 

Give Alternatives

Alternatives are not needed, but it can be extremely helpful to employees. Since they are unable to keep private messages and activities on their work computer, advise them to make use of their personal phones instead. You can also recommend that they bring their own gadgets as long as it is aligned with the company policy and it does not interfere with their work and productivity. You could also think of other alternatives or exemptions, especially if the company is capable of doing so.

Giving Feedback

Feedback has a lot of perks as long as it is done right and in a constructive manner. It is important for employees to know the areas that they are doing well through recognition and areas they can improve on through one on one meetings. When you see that an employee hasn't been keeping up with their task, you can provide help by showing the results and feedback from the monitoring. Your software can give you clear information in terms of the amount of time used in doing work and how much time is used for being idle, thus, there is a decreased workflow. When concrete evidence is provided, it makes it easier to discuss it with the employee and seek solutions to improve and balance their work life. This way, they get to be more conscious of how they perform their job. 

A company can gain a lot of advantages from a well-executed computer monitoring policy and plan. It is beneficial for everyone as the level of productivity can be maintained and expectations of both parties can be met with satisfaction. After all, people do perform better when they are being watched because it makes them focused on the task and keeps distractions at a minimum.

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