7 Tips to Build Your Brand in 2021

Whether you’re trying to raise your new brand from the ground up or redeem an old one, there are some things you need to do to adjust to the current situation. This year has been a hard one for most people, as well as for businesses. For most businesses, sales and revenues have declined and for some, the business has collapsed altogether. Research shows that 41.3% of businesses were temporarily closed because of the pandemic. Out of these businesses, 1.8% of brands were permanently closed.


The impact is harsh wherever you turn. However, it taught companies that unplanned things can happen. It also strengthened their core. Brands are figuring out new ways to adjust appropriately to unexpected happenings. Now that the year is almost over, we have a fresh new start and a brand new opportunity to redeem our companies.

Whether or not your business took a hit in 2020, you need to grasp every opportunity that comes your way in the new year. Here are 7 amazing ways to strengthen your brand in the months that follow.


1.     Re-evaluate Your Brand’s Mission and Purpose

When you create a brand, you have a goal in mind. There’s the matter of making a business plan, selecting a budget, and creating a quality marketing strategy. All of this is guided by your brand’s purpose and goals.

But, when something like a pandemic strikes a business, it can change its entire purpose. Companies have changed to adjust to the lockdown and the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Stores started focusing more on their online marketing strategies and deliveries. Restaurants aimed their resources toward food delivery and drive-through operations, as well as re-engineered pricing and menus. The entire educational system has been aimed toward the use of technology.


Even if you entered the market with a very specific plan, chances are you need to re-discover its purpose now. Ask yourself the following questions:

·         Do you still have the same goals?

·         Are there any new strategies that are crucial in this ‘’new, changed world’’?

·         What is it that could set your brand apart from others right now?

The start of a new year might just be the best time for you to understand the purpose of your brand. If it’s the same one, you’ll still need to look for strategies that work today. If it’s different, you need to recreate it to survive on the market.


2.     Track Your Brand

If you wish to improve your brand this year, you need to learn where you stand first. How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your business?

Performing analysis of your brand is helpful and important at any point of its existence. Right now, it is crucial. You need to measure your business, its success with customers, and its impact in the industry. The only way to create a winning strategy is to aim it toward the areas that need improvement. If your brand is failing in some way, you need to know it.

In crowded and confused markets like the ones we have right now, a company can fail and succeed on its strength alone. To measure your brand, use a brand tracker survey and a variety of analytics tools. Based on that data, create the next strategies that your company will undertake.


3.     Research the Market

The market is not the same after the pandemic. For businesses, market research is the key to success. This is even more important now that our world is facing one of the biggest challenges.

Market research revolves around understanding what your competition and target audience are doing. Your target audience acts differently to different strategies. Learning what others have done and how people respond to it can help you significantly in the creation of an effective marketing campaign.

For example, one of the things that seem to remain strong on the market today is content personalization and SEO. According to Forbes, search personalization is a highly competitive playground and the demand for more personalized experiences has never been so intense.

Knowing this, you know exactly what to look for when you check out your competition. As you research your competition, you’ll see what they use to personalize their brand, how they communicate with customers, and how those customers respond.

At this point, you should uncover the possible gaps and voids and grab the opportunity to offer something better to the target audience. Researching the market will tell you what to avoid and prevent before it even happens. It will also tell you what works right now so that you can use it to your advantage.


4.     Be Digitally Present

There is hardly any business today that isn’t present online, especially on social media. A recent Nielsen survey discovered that mobile device users spend 30% of their time scouring social media pages. Seeing how most people in the world are mobile users today, it becomes unimaginable for brands NOT to be digitally present.

Now that people are stuck in their homes and spend most of their time online, it's more important than ever to be digitally present. The sales on social media have increased at an unexpected rate in the past couple of months. In 2020, most businesses have appreciated the importance of online presence on social media. Some of them survived only because of it.

This year has opened our eyes to how important digital marketing is. In 2021, you should make it your mission to be more digitally present.


5.     Nurture the Connections with Your Customers

Changes in the world of customer communication are happening faster than ever. Just think about it. How different are people today from people in, let's say, the 1960s? They have different demands and expectations, use different products, and approach brands in a different way.

Since we’ve witnessed a huge, life-changing thing in our lives this year, it is safe to say that people have changed. Or at least, most of them have. The pandemic had made people ask for different things, purchase in different ways, and make different decisions.

If you want to make your brand recognized by these people, you need to learn what they want. The only way to do it is to communicate with them.

People need a connection more than ever. This is the time to get personal. Share your brand's story, including how this year went for you. Communicate with them. Ask them what they expect of you in the year that comes. Ask them whether or not your brand helped them in these difficult times. This is the best time to nurture a deeper connection with your target audience.


6.     Develop Partnerships

Have you heard of the saying: ‘’If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’’?

This year has shown us that people need to join forces to beat the obstacles. The same applies to businesses. This year, try to work on your partnerships. Find the right companies, influencers, marketers, and employees to grow your brand. You cannot do it all alone, especially not after such a tough year.

With the help and expertise of others, you can adapt your current offerings to the respective requirements of the market. Seek out similar organizations that share the same values. Hire people who can offer you perspective and help you build your brand from the ground up. Connections can open many doors more quickly and accelerate your brand's growth in the target market.


7.     Focus on Customer Service Quality

You can have the best-looking website, a unique logo, and endless paid apps on social media channels. None of it will work unless you have quality customer service. Some people will go to your site and buy things without asking questions or requesting assistance. Most of them will need your help – and they'll need it fast.

Any strategy you make today, tomorrow, or at any point in the future requires that you think of your customer service. The quality of support service is the ultimate deal for a business. Now that most companies operate frequently online, this is even more emphasized.


When building a brand, remember that this is the one resource that all of your customers will not just want, but expect of you. They’ll want responses fast. They’ll expect a professional reply from a person who knows the answers. Basically, they will expect you to demonstrate that you are a brand worth their time and money.


Final Thoughts

As we look back on the last couple of months and forward to the new year, now is the moment to reflect on the success and growth of our brands. At this point, it is essential to learn about the opportunities we have to serve the target audience better.

What are the tools and strategies that you can use today to improve your brand in the following months? Decide now and shape your strategy accordingly. Let’s make 2021 a far better year than the one we had so far!


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