5 Web Design Elements That Make A Great SaaS Website

When you are building a website, it all starts with a vision. And as you turn that vision into a reality, you have to put in a lot of time and thinking in making sure that the website will be usable, effective, and is what you have envisioned for. 


People, especially potential customers, look for a lot of things before they interact with a website. Thus, when a developer is creating a website, they must keep in mind that their products will be more salable and will be noticed more when they have a website that will not just catch the eyes of the visitors, but will also make them see how important your business is.


And one of the things that will make your business more successful and strategies easier is by making your website SaaS-oriented.

SaaS stands for Software as a service. This means SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the internet. This is easier as it is cloud-based and instead of installing and maintaining software, you can easily access it online, saving you the complexities of hardware management.


SaaS was first introduced in the 1990s. But as time goes by, it had been modeled more perfectly and it is made to provide a way to corporate, collect and integrate important application data. 

Now that we know what this means, let’s discuss the different software benefits to businesses and how it helps with the different needs of the ever-changing digital world. 


  • Immediate deployment

  • Make your business up and running in hours instead of months

  • Latest updates and innovations are used 

  • Automated software patching

  • Costs are Anticipated

  • Remove unpredictable cost in managing and updating software hand hardware needs

  • Make your investment money into operational expenses 

  • Avoid risks as experts will oversee your cloud security and software management

  • Less Cost When Starting

  • Get rid of the need for middleware and additional hardware

  • Lessen costs in installation and implementation

  • On-Demand Scalability

  • Adjust right away to meet growing data and demands on your business transactions

  • Diminish disruptions while retaining service quality


So what does a great SaaS website have that makes it stand out above others? And what should you incorporate for your website to be a successful one for your customers?


Here’s a list of some of the must-have designs a SaaS website should contain for you to profitably blend the SaaS advantage in your business.


  1. Your Products are Represented by Awesome Pictures

People tend to lean more on something aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than those that are less vibrant.

When you are creating a website and you want people to notice your products, it is imperative to include pictures that show pictures of what the customers will get when they buy from you. 


You can use a lot of online tools that can edit your photos for you and make them more attractive for your potential customers. Some are free and some are paid, you just have to look for the best one. 


Also sometimes if you have an extra budget, you can hire a web designing company to help you out with the designs. They can cost more, but just imagine how beautiful your website will be if it is made by a professional. You can also hire an in-house web design and graphic arts team if you prefer. Choose the best option for your company. 


  1. Incorporate Videos

Video does things that pictures and words cannot. Videos are a great way of not just attracting your audience, but also letting them know what it is exactly you are offering.


When you develop a high-quality video and incorporate it into your website, it will surely boost the user experience. People will most likely stay on your website and be more interested in what you have to offer when they are watching a video that is produced excellently, giving them the information they need to make their choice.


Videos don’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. Some websites use just a computer microphone and screen capturing software to show their products off. You just have to be creative enough.


  1. Contact Information That Can Easily Be Seen

Sometimes people may want to ask about your products and they will immediately look for your contact information. When it is not easily seen, there’s a possibility that potential customers may just leave your site and not look back.


It is important to reserve an easily viewable space for your contact information. Most websites have those at the bottom and it contains all the necessary information for a customer to freely ask their questions and inquire about your products.


Not only does this make the customers feel more valued, but this will also avoid misunderstandings. For example, you are in the business of selling clothes. People may want to ask about specific sizes or colors. When you have your contact information provided, they will have an excellent way of reaching you, increasing their willingness to buy from you.


  1. Free Trials


Now, who could resist the word “free”?! 


Customers would prefer to try something first, like let’s say a movie subscription website, before deciding whether I would like to pay for it. This is important especially to customers who would like to test your product first and are unwilling to pay an upfront payment, but are still interested regardless.


Most trials last for a week or two, and those are not bad. It will give your potential customers enough time to see if they are satisfied with what you are offering. 


Offering free trials is a great way of enticing your audience. And believe me, the reason why most customers subscribe to free trials stems from the fact that they are interested in the first place. And it is quite common for SaaS companies to offer free trials.


  1. Include an Impactful Call To Action


A SaaS website’s call to action usually tells the potential customer to do some action. 

Generally, most websites use this to tell the visitor to sign up. Most buttons will look like this: 




If you are not sure what to incorporate in your call-to-action feature, you can test it by using different strategies. Some ask for the customer’s email address and some lead to a free trial immediately. Other websites ask for the social media log-ins of the customer like Facebook or Twitter. 


Whatever it is that you will decide to have, having a call-to-action feature on your website will increase the possibility of your customer interacting more and thus, ensuring profit. This may be something overused by some websites, but believe me, it still works.



SaaS is an innovation that has been built to make websites more user-friendly and usable. And when you know what to have on your websites for it to attract more customers, your business will surely be a success.

The elements I have included here are just some of the things you can choose from to have on your site. You can have some of them or all of them, it’s up to you. But bear in mind, when creating a website and you want it to generate traffic, then you might as well consider the things 


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