5 common SMS marketing mistakes you could be making

SMS marketing is an incredibly powerful tool. The fascinating thing is it yields 8 times the result email marketing does. Research has shown that about 98% of SMS messages are read within two minutes of actually being received.  As effective and powerful a tool, it could also be easily abused. Considering its accessibility, it is easy to make the mistake of misusing the SMS marketing strategy. In this article, you will find common SMS marketing mistakes you could be making in your marketing campaign.  You can also read https://www.techtimes.com/articles/237883/20190130/top-5-best-bulk-texting-services-2019.htm

Sending Too Many Messages

As an SMS marketer you should know that it is wrong to send messages to customers or prospective customers multiple times in a day. It could be pissing off. Imagine a customer in an early morning official meeting and he gets a text message notifying him of a new brand of mobile phone. It is quite insensitive to send that message at that point in time. Again, the customer gets a promotional message in the afternoon notifying him of winning a free wrist watch if he buys a mobile phone. Now, this message could be very irritating especially if the customer does not need a mobile phone. The seller could be blocked and his message considered spam. So, you have to be careful about the numbers of messages you send per day and even per week. SMS Marketing campaigns should not be more than twice in a week.

Wrong timing

The illustration cited earlier is applicable here. The message entered at the wrong time. Sending a message at the wrong time can be a very crucial mistake which could cost you customers. This means that you need to time your text messages correctly to make them essential and less annoying.

Failing to Build an organized contact List

Essentially, you need to get the customer's phone number, send them a message, and ask them to opt-in to receiving your SMS marketing campaign messages. By the time your contact base begins to increase, it is important for you to build an organized contact list. You can’t just have a haphazard SMS list. You have to sort them into different demographics so you would be able to send more highly targeted and relevant messages. If you fail to build an organized contact list, it'll reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.

Wrong CTA

The Call-To-Action is the bedrock of your SMS marketing strategy. The CTA tells your customers what to do. It is a very important feature of your SMS marketing campaign. Without a straightforward CTA, your customers won’t understand what your marketing message is trying to pass across and this results in an ineffective campaign. 

Failure to include an opt-out option :

Most marketers fail to give room for opt out. After the customers opt in to your messages and they lose interest in your messages they ought to be able to opt-out from your messaging service. It is just like you are imposing your messages on them and they might sue your brand if it gets annoying to them.

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