4 Ways Make Your Small Retail Business Stand Out

Small businesses are crucial to the American economy. Approximately 44 cents of every dollar is bought to the U.S. economy by small companies. If you own a small firm, you will likely bring innovation and new jobs to the marketplace. You want to become an essential part of your community, too. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Define Your Brand

Branding starts with identifying your target demographic, figuring out how to reach them, and maintaining that connection. Decide who you want to be, then let everyone know who you are. Carry your message and vibe consistently throughout your store and website. For a playful image, display bright colors and play upbeat tunes. Emphasize organic or natural products with wooden fixtures and spa music. Roam through your store blindfolded. Stop every 10 steps and look around. Can you tell where you are by the displays, décor and signage? If not, you may have some work to do.

Join the Kindness Cloud

Owning a business puts you in a unique position to spread a little retail kindness to those who need it most. Offer discounts to special groups, such as veterans, foster parents or those who work with animals. Give away merchandise and services to those who would not otherwise have access. Display your commitment to kindness with certificates, badges and kindness cards. You can become a leader in your community by organizing kindness days and other initiatives that encourage other firms to give.

Offer Exceptional Service

Consumers come to your store for items, but they will keep coming back for service. Nurture good relationships with your patrons; people want to feel an emotional connection with the stores they do business with. This means going beyond the usual emails when a sale is coming up or posting events on social media. It means sending a text after each interaction, asking if everything went okay. It means answering comments on review sites, especially the critical ones. If you do this right, your customers will become your friends, and they will soon start to feel like family.

Give Something Extra

Your business can provide more to your community than a source of tax revenue and a line in the commerce directory. No matter what you sell, you have expertise to share. A clothing boutique may offer style advice to moms re-entering the workforce. A hardware store may hold classes in wood-working or power tool safety. As a successful business owner, you undoubtedly have wisdom to share with other would-be entrepreneurs. You can do that through mentorships arranged by the local community college or by donating time to your local Small Business Administration chapter.

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