4 Simple Ways to Boost Your SaaS Customer Referral Strategy


In any business venture, positive customer experiences are very important. Customers are the foundation of your business's growth. For instance, you have a product or a service that your customer loves, and they refer your brand to their friends and family. Therefore, your list of customers keeps growing, which benefits your business. 

Having a Software as a Business (SaaS) can be a challenge in itself because you constantly need new customers for your business to stay in the game. It's easy to have a Saas start-up because you can find several clients on the internet, but you need more people to keep subscribing to your program if you want to stand out from your competitors.

We often use a program or an application to get something done, and when we are happy with the results, we go around referring the app to people around us. Thus, the customer referral system plays a huge role, and here's how you can improve your strategy:


  1. Have a Referral Program

First things first, you need to create a proper referral program for your SaaS. On the off chance that you've gotten a couple of references up until this point, you need a lot more referrals to help boost your new business. The ideal approach to drive references is to make a ground-breaking customer reference program. 

You may already have some loyal customers out there that are informing others about the experience they had with you. However, that is only a few of your clients. Regardless of whether they are content with your product, most clients won't think about referring it to their friends and partners except if you explicitly request it.

When you ask, you'll be surprised at the number of individuals who are glad to recommend it to their friends. If you already have a loyal customer fan base, it's essential to use that resource for assembling a reference program to bring more customers.

  •  Set it all up and implement the new reference program

  •  Add some exciting visuals to get your customers energized 

  • Get more people to sign-up


  1. Give Rewards for Referring to a Friend

What's a better motive than giving our rewards to your customers? A lot of companies use the joining and referral rewards strategy to get their customers excited. If your customers are not happy about your service, then they won't feel the need to refer it to a friend.

People love receiving random free vouchers and bonus points when they are surfing through an online platform. We often get excited when we earn some points playing video games. You can use this incentive to get your customers to refer your products to their friends.

  • Give out a sign-up bonus for new customers

  • Give your old customers cash points for referring your service to a friend

  • Earn the loyalty of the friend as well by giving them out a joining bonus

  • Give out discounts when people make their first purchase or use a service

  • Encourage people to earn points and give them the chance to redeem it


  1. Value Customer Feedback

Nothing makes a business grow more rapidly than a company that values its customers. Give your customers the option to leave feedback and suggestions about all your products and applications. When customers feel valued, and their opinions are taken under consideration, they are likely to remember this positive experience.

If your customers think their feedback matters, they are more likely to recommend your services to the people around them. For instance, you use an app on a daily basis to get accurate prayer times, and it gives you the option to leave remarks. You will feel good about your decision and tell your friends about it.

You can also add a customer support option for both your new and old users and make them feel seen. We go to a new restaurant and love their food and service; it's given that we will go home and refer the place to our family. Thus, SaaS programs that prioritize their customer's suggestions can help get new customers, so they keep coming back again and again.


  1. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

You have managed to create a referral program and a proper strategy to attract more customers, but it's not going to work unless you have a platform to promote your services and the added benefits. Investing in a content marketing strategy is essential to increase online traffic towards your program. 

You can collaborate with other social media platforms to help promote your SaaS start-up so people are aware of all the rewards and discounts they can get using your service. You will achieve all your goals easily if you leave it to your marketing team to do their job.

Another great way to get new customers is to get influencers or bloggers to promote your product. In today's age, they have a heavy influence on every kind of audience, so if you get them to endorse your product, they will be referring it to their huge fan base to get you more sign-ups. 

  • Promote your customer referral strategy and benefits using a famous platform

  • Highlight all your rewards and cash points to attract attention

  • Have an easy-to-use SaaS start-up so people can check out all your services.


Takeaway- Boost Your SaaS Customer Referral Strategy

Customer Referral Programs are the best method to gain popularity among your target audience and build brand loyalty with your existing customers as well. It's highly effective if you have your own SaaS start-up and need to get more people to sign-up so you can get your business started. 

However, most of the time, marketing strategies don't work because they are not enough to convert the readers into regular users of your program. So, it's important to give them an incentive and make sure they have an experience they will remember. 

Nothing is more convincing than a loved one or a friend recommending a trust-worthy product to you. Some of these tips will help you boost your SaaS strategy to get to the point you need. 


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