4 Companies That Successfully Increased Their Profits Using SEO

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence and improving the chances of gaining a large profit margin, SEO is still king. Having a website and being out there in the search engine results are not enough in making your company known and profitable. Your website’s link has to be featured as the top, if not among the results when searches related to your business’s products or services are looked up on the internet. This is what SEO can help businesses achieved, and here, we’ll share four companies or industries that benefited from using SEO and increased their profits.

Home Renovation and Repair Companies

The scope and capabilities of SEO can be wide and nearly limitless, but before your business should take on a global presence, it has to establish a strong local presence first. Companies in the home repair and renovation industry that know the importance of Local SEO Authority are the ones who achieved great success in increasing their profits. People who are looking for these services would give priority to business establishments that are locally closest to them before they expand their search to farther locations. Small and medium-sized companies that target customers in the service area using local SEO will have higher leads and conversion rates than those targeting a wider market.

Professional Service Companies

For brick and mortar companies that have online websites, it is important to let customers and audiences know about their digital storefronts. Companies that offer professional services, such as accountants, HR services, IT consultants, and many others, know the importance of SEO. Those that know some effective SEO hacks and applications are the ones that succeed in improving their profits. Again, local proximity is an important factor for customers and prospects, and this what those successful companies have effectively targeted. Individuals and companies will immediately look for local establishments that offer professional services within their local area, and those that can effectively capitalize on local SEO can successfully get leads and land great deals.

Online Businesses

We are referring to purely online businesses here or those that do not have brick and mortar establishments. Purely online businesses and companies are the ones that know the importance of SEO the most because their market presence is solely online. SEO is a key strategy employed by solely online companies, and they integrate SEO into other channels such as social media engagements, mobile search integration, user-generated content, and many others. It is a challenging task for purely online establishments, but those who bravely took on the challenge were well rewarded in terms of sales conversion and profitability.

Real Estate Companies

Companies and businesses related to real estate have greatly benefitted from employing SEO practices. The search volume is very high for new homes, lots, condos, and apartments, but the local searches for real estate information and services are high. Real estate companies and agents who capitalize on these profitable indicators get to reap the financial rewards in most of their deals. Again, local SEO plays a big role here as people who look for properties have specific states, towns, cities, and zip codes in mind. Most of the time, users prefer to look for real estate properties near their current locations, companies that have relevant and strong SEO get more local leads and sales.

We gave here four of the many companies who have successfully applied SEO hacks to their advantage and profited greatly from it. We purposely did not mention a specific company name to keep the playing field level and open for those companies who also want to succeed. A strong online presence is not established by a great website only, a proactive measure applying effective SEO strategies is what makes your company visible, active, and profitable in the online venue.

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