3 Ways to Encourage Company-wide Recycling

Whether or not you realize it, your business could a danger to the environment. At least, from an eco-friendly operating perspective. There is a lot of focus on a global need for more sustainable business practices, and many companies ignore the easiest and most cost-efficient options for sustainability. Recycling is generally overlooked when planning a company’s waste management plan. The EPA has reported that almost 75% of solid waste that is typically thrown away could be recycled. With the help of waste management brokers, you can develop a system that gets your business into recycling much of its waste materials. Here are some tips to boost your success in this area.

Make the Commitment Company-wide

You are going to be more successful with recycling when every employee is on board. Top-level management needs to set the example and follow through with established procedures. Have a kick-off event or training time when you can get everyone on the same page with your upcoming changes. Have promotional and informational materials that they can access for questions and to find out the goals of the program.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Before you officially get started, take a visual inventory of the things that your employees throw away on a daily basis. Knowing what your waste stream entails will help you as you design a collection and management program. Your waste audit will tell you all of the items that could be eligible for recycling, as well as the amount and potential value of the items. When conducting your analysis, remember that cardboard, plastics, paper, glass, aluminum, steel, and colored containers can all be recycled. Depending on where your company operates, the state may require that certain items be recycled.

Appoint a Recycling Supervisor

After you have chosen what materials you will be recycling, establish a reliable supervisor to oversee the process and keep employees accountable. Once your program is operational, there won’t be a lot of time involved in overseeing the process, apart from making sure employees have access to the recycling containers they need. For paper waste, place recycling contained in areas where paper waste is often generated, such as near printers and copy machines. By having an incentive program, you may be able to encourage consistency from your employees. Rewarding successes and efforts can motivate desired behaviors.

Recycling isn’t just about saving your company money. Moving toward sustainable business practices creates a better life for the generations to come.

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