10 Collaboration Tools For Business Your Team Should Be Using

Looking to increase the effectiveness of collaborations in your business?

Collaborating with your team allows you to build a culture and dynamic with them. There are different ways for you to foster collaboration to increase efficiency in your workplace as the leader of your team. Doing so will increase both team morale and productivity.

Failing a collaboration can also be risky, as it will decrease both the aforementioned traits. You must avoid failing these at all times to keep your business afloat. You can use the help of these powerful collaboration tools for business to ensure success during these meetings.

Read on to learn how you can do remote business meetings with the help of useful collaboration tools.

1. Google Hangouts

Being at the forefront in collaboration, Google has a lot of software to ensure you get what you need for a successful collaboration. These apps and software cover all bases from file organization to project management. Before you dive into any of those, you should first consider the most important part of a collaboration, communication.

This is where Google Hangouts shines. This tool offers voice calls with the least latency among collaboration tools. Creating a room and adding members is also never easier with Hangouts.

2. Skype

Consider Skype instead of Hangouts if you’re looking for something more familiar. Skype offers the same things that Hangouts do except for the low latency calls. However, Skype gives you the advantage of cross-device collaboration.

This is a useful feature to have if your team may be on the move when you have the collaboration. Skype also gives you the ability to share what’s on your screen in real-time. The screen-share option makes it easier to present visual reports to your team.

3. Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps by Microsoft is a powerful app-creation platform for your team. Using this tool for your collaboration makes the endeavor less stressful. This is because of how easy it is to install and use.

New users will find the user interface to be one of the comprehensive ones. This makes it easy for you and your team to create apps even without professional help. Even the least tech-savvy member of your team can help make amazing applications.

Check out this Microsoft PowerApps guide to learn more about the features you can use.

4. Chanty

Chanty is among the collaboration tools for business that can serve 2 purposes. This can serve as an instant messaging platform for you and your team. You will experience no problems as long as everyone is online to read the messages.

Chanty also serves as a record-keeping device for your chat’s messages. The tool provides you with a lot of storage space along with exceptional search history capabilities to make record keeping as easy as it can become.

Chanty even has an AI algorithm that learns your typing patterns. The algorithm will then function as a predictive text bot to save you time in typing.

5. ProofHub

Experience the next level of task collaboration with the help of ProofHub. This tool provides you with the best project management capabilities. You can run your team and your business at the same using the features it provides.

ProofHub will make it easier for you to communicate tasks between your team members. You can also include the client in the mix to get input from them as the project develops. These features work together to help make your project deadline clear and deliver it by then.

You even have the option to set dependencies for each task. This ensures everything gets done before a set time. These will ensure you never have a late project as your deadline comes.

6. InVision

Do you have a design you need your team to finish? InVision is the tool for you if you do.

This prototyping software helps you design UI and other digital products for mobile apps. This is an important skill to master since most of the Internet’s population access it through mobile devices and mobile applications today.

InVision allows you to lay your project on a single dashboard. This makes it easier for members to know what’s going on with the project. Collaboration is easy in this case because updates reach other team members with ease.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is a simple tool that allows you to organize files with your team. Dropping a file down is easy enough for anyone to do with Dropbox. Once a file gets dropped, the tool updates everyone synched with the same account.

This ensures everyone receives the file as soon as they get online. The feature allows for easy updates to keep everyone informed on how things are coming along. This all comes with top-notch security systems to keep your files secure.

8. Hightail

Much like Chanty, Hightail serves 2 purposes. This is a tool that you can use to share files with your team members. You can manage who sees what with Hightail to prevent confusion in the project.

This is also a place for you to edit shared documents and update them. This is to make sure people get the latest version of the files needed for the project.

Clients can also view these files if they’re allowed to. You can also give them tracking capabilities to keep them updated on the project.

9. MockPlus iDoc

If you’re looking for a collaborative design tool, then consider MockPlus iDoc. This tool puts together the best designing platforms for businesses. Photoshop, Adobe, and Sketch have different file types and are hard to interact with.

MockPlus provides you with the medium to share and edit files of different types. The platform allows you to export designs and use them with other software.

You can also generate accurate snippets of code with MockPlus. This allows for more precise editing of files.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive is by far the best tool to use in file sharing. You can store up to 2 terabytes of files here to share with your team. Uploading them should pose no problem as long as you stay connected.

Even if you lose connection while uploading, you can see your progress gets saved. It also prevents data corruption in this case.

Searching for files is also a breeze with Google Drive. There are different ways you can do this. You can have an image recognition search for photos and images, while text character recognition helps you look for a specific document among the files uploaded to the team drive.

Use these Collaboration Tools for Business Today

Make sure your collaboration is a success by using these tools today. Use these collaboration tools for business and find success now!

That said, there are other important tools for your business to use. Think about SEO tools, social media marketing, and team management apps. If you’re looking for a list of the best tools out there, feel free to read more of our guides today and let us help you pick which ones can boost your business.

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