10 Benefits of Working with Cloud Managed Service Providers

Businesses are widely adopting cloud-managed services across the world. The managed cloud solutions market will grow from $62.4 billion to $116.2 billion in the next five years. Cloud-managed service providers are also offering more advanced services to capture the growing demand. 


What is Cloud Managed Services

Most businesses have moved to the cloud. Naturally, that means managing all the aspects of running, maintaining, and securing the cloud. Traditionally, businesses performed these tasks by employing full-time IT staff. 

However, now you can outsource all cloud management duties to a third-party. The provider calls its offering cloud managed services and charges a monthly fee. 

According to cloud managed service provider Alpacked, the job entails tasks like-

  • Providing adept consultation

  • Designing entire architectures and systems

  • Security and maintenance

  • Disaster recovery

  • Performance optimization 

  • Automating business operations


Advantages of Cloud Managed Service Providers


What are the benefits of cloud services for a business?


Outsourcing your daily cloud responsibilities and availing managed cloud services can bring several business advantages. They are:


1. Boost Productivity

Cloud management services mean you don't have to spend time looking after your infrastructure. As a result, you can channel your attention to creating improved products and services. You can expect a boost in productivity by eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The growth of managed cloud services is mostly due to its capability to improve the bottom line.  


2. 24/7 Assistance

A leading managed cloud services provider like Alpacked provides 24/7 assistance throughout the year. You can resolve your queries and get a helping hand whenever you come across an issue. Cloud services management lets you generate revenues around-the-clock with full backup and step-by-step assistance.

Best of all, you don't need to pay extra for enjoying 24/7/356 service!


3. Save Costs

You can save a range of costs by adopting managed services cloud computing. The biggest expense you can cut down is paying for a full-time IT team's salaries. Additionally, you don't need to invest in any monitoring tools or software. Everything is your service provider's responsibility that you can take advantage of with monthly fees.


4. Optimum Automation

Automation is the way to beat your competitors at their game. Cloud services benefits also include automation for business advantage. Providers like Alpacked unearth promising opportunities for automation, giving you a competitive edge. Additionally, you can save your time and effort and focus on increasing efficiency. Automation is the need of the present age and applies to all businesses.


5. Non-Stop Monitoring

Monitoring your infrastructure is necessary to spot trouble on time before things get serious. However, not all businesses can afford to monitor their environments 24/7. Hiring a managed cloud service provider solves this issue and provides round-the-clock monitoring. You can be away on vacation and never have to worry about your business going down.


6. Recover Quickly from Disasters

Disasters can bring a stop to your business activities. You need to get back on your feet the quickest to prevent loss of business. Not having the know-how or skills for disaster management can truly be disastrous for your organization.

Cloud managed services ensure top experts start working for recovery instantly. The same may not be possible with your in-house team.


7. Uncompromised Uptime

Downtime can run up costs for businesses to an unimaginable level. You may lose up to $10,000 per hour, based on your industry. 

Naturally, ensuring uptime is a vital aspect of running any business. Cloud managed services like monitoring and disaster recovery ensure you experience minimal downtime. Experts are always watching your cloud, ready to act whenever necessary.


8. Enjoy Advanced Technologies

Top cloud management service providers like Alpacked keep an eye on the latest technologies. You can take advantage of DevOps, AI, ML, and other technologies to experience quick growth. Your provider acts as a consultant, guiding you down the right path for more profits and business benefits. 

As if you get everything served on a plate at your dinner table!


9. Scale Seamlessly

Scaling your business based on the cloud is easier than traditional scaling. However, you still need the talent and resources for the job. Hiring a cloud managed service provider lets you scale without any barriers. You can get all the manpower and assistance from your service provider without needing any third-party. As a result, you can also save money significantly.


10. Complete Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your cloud management duties is a great way to rest your worries. You can always be sure your environments are running optimally without any issues. The same goes for all the apps and processes working on the cloud. Plus, you stay safe from online threats and also enjoy faster response times. 


Final Thoughts

Look for adept cloud managed service providers who can really make a difference. Go for certified providers like Alpacked, recognized by leading cloud companies such as AWS and Azure. 


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