Super Monitoring


Super Monitoring is an online website monitoring service that lets you keep tabs on your website’s uptime. It conducts checks every minute to ensure that your website is available and is working correctly. In the event of a malfunction, the service notifies you via email or text message so that you’re the first one to know when your website’s down.
If you’re thinking why monitor at all, expand your area of thought to include the possibility that you might end up losing potential customers and website traffic if for some reason your site is throwing response errors or is working too slow. As such, every individual or organization whose revenue volume depends upon how many people view their online content or how many people register into its database is definitely a part of the target audience for this tool.
Super Monitoring lets you stay ahead of site troubles by giving you the chance to react before your users notice issues. The tool generates detailed reports containing all relevant information needed to track technical problems while allowing you to verify the quality of the hosting service you are using. Moreover, the service lets you customize what features it implements and in what order. Plus, you can choose to view website issues or malfunction history in Excel, Google Analytics, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or your own app (API).
Basically, Super Monitoring keeps a constant eye on your website’s activity while you sleep in peace. Such a handy utility can go a long way in averting problems and minimizing losses.

Key Features

  • Per-minute checks conducted 24/7
  • 5 monitoring stations located on different continents to confirm every downtime and avoid false alarms
  • Facility to monitor 9 protocols / services in addition to ‘http’
  • Website server response time monitoring
  • Content monitoring to ensure if the website is loading and working properly
  • Detection of and reporting outage types
  • Ability to monitor websites regardless of the technology they were built in
  • Tests to check the functioning of forms on your website
  • File Integrity monitoring to detect unauthorized changes to important files
  • Mail server and Database server monitoring



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